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Regional Aviation Page

  • Astrakhan Airport Narimanovo
    • Address: 364026 Astrakhan

  • Vainakhavia - Chechen Airline
    • Address: 364026 Djoharkala (Grozny) Airport Sheikh Mansur
    • General Director Usman Akhmarov
  • Vaynakhavia (Grozny) is planning to launch its first international route in spring 2010 using Yak-42s between Grozny and Istanbul Ataturk.
  • The Northern Airport has a 1700-meter-long runway that can take Yak-40 and AN-24 planes.
  • After 15 years the Grozny airport (GRV), located near the capital of the Chechen Republic in the Russian Federation has been reopened to the public. It was being rebuilt for over 3 years. The airport has a CAT III runway, a high-tech control tower and terminal building, and a nice VIP hall. March 01, 2007 Vainakh Avia will start flights between GRV and Moscow.
  • SEVERNY AIRPORT BEING RESTORED IN CHECHNYA /AVIA.RU/ Airport Severny located at Grozny is one of the most important projects included in the federal goal-oriented program. According to information obtained by Grozny - inform news agency from head of a department of the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Chechen republic Bakha Pashaev, repair and restoration work will be funded from two sources: the federal goal-oriented program fund and at the expense of Russia's large air company Sibirskiye Airlines. At the Severny airport there has already been restored the runway, and purchased the state-of the-art navigational equipment. As early as next year Chechen passengers will be able to fly from Grozny to the Russian capital. 14.09.2004
  • October 1995 Cheboksary Airport got the International status. It is ready to welcome airliners up to 200 tons. Most domestic traffic is with AN-24 . The Tu-134 are used for charter flights to Antalya , Istanbul and the UAE .
  • Cheboksary Air Enterprise PV / CBK
    • Address : Airport - 428021 Cheboksary - Tel. +7-8352-21 31 17
    • Fleet
      • 5 Tu134A3 RA-65007 A 65015
      • 6 AN24V RA-46263 46428 46583 47714 RV 46499 46619
  • Fly from Cheboksary CSY to DME SVX KGD LED MRV ROV SCW SGC SVX VKO
  • Fares: to Moscow 115$ to Ekaterinburg 110$ to Surgut 165$ to Mineralnye Vody 151$ to Siktivkar 93$


  • Makhachkala Air Enterprise YUH / DAG Dagestan Airline
    • Address : Airport - 367016 Makhachkala - Tel. +7-87222-73 701 - 67-07-45 / 5-91,5-54, 5-18,5-85,5-69
    • Fleet
      • 3 Tu154M RA-85756 85828 85840
  • Fly from Makhachkala MCX to ASB Bishkek Dubai Kazan DME KUF ROV Surgut SVX
  • Dagestan Airlines carried more than 1.5 mln passengers in 1997.
  • News:
    Following the hijacking of the TU-154 plane to Israel, airlines flying to and from Dagestan are imposing as of Dec. 1 a total ban on firearms and explosives on board their planes. In addition, beginning Nov. 20, each flight will have at least one security guard on board. Nov. 18, 2000
  • Ingushetia
    • Airport Nazran
      Tel. 2-59-83, Info 2-33-12
    • Airport Nalchik NAL
      Flights to AAQ FRA VKO
    • Elbrus Avia NLK
      • Fleet
        • 3 Yak 40 87436 87500 K 88278
    • Airport Elista ESL
      Flights to Moscow-Domodedovo and Vnukovo by AviaExpressCruise daily E6/BKS 1525/1526 09.00-12.05, 13.05-15.55 with Yak 40 aircraft
      Tickets costs between 50 and 70 $

      Airport Yakutsk YKS
      Flights to IKT KJA Moscow-DME OVB LED VVO
      Diamond / Almas Sakha Airlines D8 / DSL (DRU) AN

      • Address : Prospect Lenin 6 - 678922 Neryungri - Tel. +7-41147-49502 - Fax -43086 SITA: NERKKSR
        Moscow +7-095-155 62 49 Fax 209 78 38
      • Fleet
        • 2 A313 F-OGQM F-OGQN
      • Sakha Avia K7 / IKT
        • Address : Gagarin Str. 10 - 677014 Yakutsk - Tel. +7-41122-259 35 Fax 644 04
        • Fleet
          • 3 An24RV RA-46670 V 47181 47352
          • 7 Tu154B-2 85520 85577 85597 M 85620 85790 85793 85812
          • 3 Yak 40 87205 88166 88261
      • Yakutsk Airlines AL
        • Fleet
          • An24RV
          • 2 Tu-154M 85712 85794
      • Yakutia Air Company R3 / SVL
        • Fleet
          • 2 B737-700
          • 2 B737-800
          • 1 B757-200F
          • An 140
          • Dash 8 Q300/400
      • News
        • YAKUTIYA MAY PURCHASE LATEST SMALL PLANES FROM SAMARA. This year Samara's airplane manufacturer, Aviakor, will begin producing a new AN-140 model of airplanes, designed to replace the AN-24 model, which has been in operation for over 40 years in some 24 countries of the world. By the year 2000 all existing AN-24 models will have outlived their useful life. According to Aviakor President Lev Khasis, Yakutiya's Sakha Airlines might be the first to receive ten AN-140 planes. The deal is a part of a larger agreement between the leaders of Sakha Republic (Yakutiya) and Samara Oblast. The new plane is designed to travel short and medium-length distances at 750-800 km/hour, or 1.2 times faster than the AN-24. Additionally, it can carry 52 passengers and cover a distance of 3,700 kilometers. Although it will require a runway 1.5 longer than that used by the AN-24, the AN-140 will burn fuel two times more efficiently per passenger/kilometer. Each unit will cost about $6-7 million. (Yakutiya, 20 January) - Oleg Emelyanov in Yakutsk - from RRR/EWI
        • In 1998 a third Airbus 310 will go to Almazy-Sakha airlines which already has two A-310s. Itar-Tass, February 18
        • Airlines of Yakutia transported 797,330 passengers in 1996, 15.4 percent less than in 1996. Transported freight amounted to 45.110 t, an increase of 10.8 percent.
      • Aldan ADH Mirniy MJZ Polyarnj PYJ Tiksi IKS Neryungri NER : OVB ROV SVO Yakutsk YKS : OVB SVO
      • Mirniy timetable Yakutsk timetable
      • How to get to Tuva?
      • Kyzyl Airport Info
      • Tuva Airlines TJ
        • Address : Airport - 667008 Kyzyl - Tel/Fax +7-39422-30 025
        • Fleet
          • 8 Yak40 RA-87425 87443 87476 87477 87519 87915 87925 88212
      • Fly from Kyzyl KYZ to DME IKT (saturdays) KJA (days 135) OVB (days 15)
        Fares: to Moscow 296$, one way internal fares are between 1860 and 2460 russian rubles


      Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region

      Ticket Office, Youhao Lu 62, INQUIRY:4814668 4842391
                                 DOM PS:4814668 4480840, INT PS:4843392 4843762
                                 DOM CS:4840769, INT CS:4840254

      Lowest return fares

      • to Bishkek XO 200$ KGA 400$
      • Xinjiang Airlines to Islamabad 2270 Yuan to Moscow 12230 Yuan
      • KZA from Almaty 220$
      Scheduled Flights
      • to Aksu AKU : from URC KRL
      • to Altay AAT : from URC
      • to Karamay KRY : from TCG URC
      • to Kashi KHG Kashgar : from ISB URC
      • to Korla KRL : from AKU KCA IQM URC
      • to Kuqa KCA : from KRL URC
      • to Qiemo IQM : from KRL URC
      • to Tacheng TCG : from KRY URC
      • to Turfan TLQ : from XIY
      • to Uramai City
      • to Yining YIN : from URC
      Urumqi Airport
      • Diwopu Airport 17 km
      • UTC +8
      • Airport Info Urumqi
      • Flight info: +991-335688
    • Sibir Air
    • Urumqi Airport offers flight connections to Aksu AKU, Almaty ALA, Altay AAT, Ashgabat ASB, Astana TSE, Baku BAK, Bangkok BKK, Beijing PEK, Bishkek FRU, Dubai DXB, Ekaterinburg SVX, Islamabad ISB, Istanbul IST, Kabul KBL, Kaohsiung KHH, Kashi KHG Kashgar, Korla KRL, Kuqa KCA, Moscow-Sheremetyevo SVO, Novosibirsk OVB, Osh OSS, Qiemo IQM, Sharjah SHJ, Tacheng TCG, Taipei TPE, Tashkent TAS, Tbilisi TBS, Teheran THR, Yining YIN

      Up to eight daily flights to Beijing PEK. Daily Changsha CSX, Changzhou CZX, Chengdu CTU, Dalian DLC, Dunhuang DNH, Guangzhou CAN, Guilin KWL, Haikou HAK, Hangzhou HGH, Harbin HRB, Hotan HTN, Jinan TNA, Kunming KMG, Lanzhou LHW, Nanjing NKG, Qingdao TAO, Sanya SYX, Shanghai Hongqiao SHA, Shenyang SHE, Shenzhen SZX, Tianjin TSN, Whenzhou WNZ, Wuhan WUH, Xiamen XMN, Xian SIA, Xining XNN, Yinchuang INC and Zhengzhou CGO

      China Xinjiang Airlines was took over by China Southern Airlines [ CZ / CSN Guangzhou ] in 2001 and is now China Southern Xinjiang Company. China Southern forms "Group Two".

    • Fleet - Aircraft Registration Code B
      • 5 ATR 72-500 3022 3023 3025 3026 3027
      • 2 B737-300 2930 2931
      • 4 B737-700 2162 2163 2698 2699
      • 8 B757-200 2812 2813 2827 2831 2851 2852 2853 2859
      • all 3 IL86 2016 2018 2019 sold
    • ASIA Travel Tips .com 16 June 2004 China Southern Airlines Xinjiang Company (a fully owned subsidiary of China Southern Air Holding Company) has launched a new Urumqi-Dushanbe and Urumqi-Kashi-Islamabad service. The new Boeing 757 service to Dushanbe, available every Monday, will promote the commercial exchange between Xinjiang and Tajikistan and the development of tourism industry of the two regions. Additionally, service to Islamabad is the first international route from Xinjiang which operates every Tuesday and Saturday with a flight time of approximately three hours.
    • China Xinjiang Airlines to Order Three Russian Planes BEIJING, Jul 14, 2000 -- (Agence France Presse) Regional carrier China Xinjiang Airlines is expected to conclude negotiations in August over a 100-million-dollar order for three Russian passenger airplanes, according to industry weekly Flight International. The three Ilyushin Il-96-300s, long-range jets with seats for 230, will be built at a production plant in the Russian city of Voronezh, the magazine said. So far, only eleven Il-96-300s have been delivered since production of the plane began seven years ago, one of them operated by the Russian presidential flight, it said. Xinjiang Airlines, based in the northwestern city of Urumqi, already operates a number of Russian aircraft, including three Il-86s, predecessors of the Il-96, according to the magazine. It is unclear how the order will fit with Chinese plans to limit local carriers' purchases of aircraft. China said in January it would not allow local airlines to buy new large and medium-sized aircraft this year, because local carriers were not using their planes to full capacity. However, the government said smaller planes for domestic routes could be purchased and encouraged airlines with routes of less than 500 kilometers (310 miles) to develop quickly in 2000.
    • Xinjiang Airlines transported 1,38 mln passengers (+ 13,2%) in 1996.
    • Hainan Airlines Co, China's fourth largest carrier, set up a branch airline company in the capital of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region August 27, 2004. China Daily
    • After the Tu-154 crash a year ago, a lot of Russian aircraft have been retired from the fleets in China (lots of Tu-154s were lined up in Chengdu last spring). 02.2000
    • Urumqi Baku Flight Starts Service
      Urumqi, May 5 (Xinhua) -- An Azerbaijani Airlines Tu-154 passenger plane arrived here this afternoon to start regular flights between Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, and Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The flight takes three hours and 50 minutes between the two cities, nearly 3,000 km apart. The service is both ways every Wednesday. According to the Urumqi office of Azerbaijani Airlines, since 1994, it operates over 600 chartered flights between Baku and some Chinese cities including Urumqi and Tianjin, a north China port city. An Azerbaijani Airlines official, Fouad Kouliev, expressed hope that the opening of the regular flight will help boost economic and cultural exchanges between this former Soviet republic and China.
    • Urumqi Airport expansion December 17, 1998 China Daily - An airport expansion project in Kashi Prefecture of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region passed a State appraisal yesterday after nearly 15 months' work. The prefecture, which borders on five neighboring countries, including Pakistan, has developed into an attractive tourist area famous for its integration of Islamic, western and eastern cultures. The airport project, completed at a cost of 200 million yuan (US$ 24.09 million), is a key national project which will continue to promote border trade in the region. TN Business 19.12.98
    • August, 1997 - First delivery of an ATR 72 to China Xinjiang Airlines from a firm order of 5 ATR 72-500s.

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