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Turkish World Research Foundation Schools

Adyghe State University

Altay State University

Universities in Azerbaijan
Baku American University
Baku Hazar University
Baku Qafqaz University
In Azerbaijan opposition-minded students not joining government sponsored demonstrations are denied their constitutional right to education. Recently a University was declared illegal and 1.000 werde to loose their status. Youth Organizations actions and hunger strike made the government give concessions to these young people.

Bashkir State University
Ufa State Aviation University
Ufa State Oil University - Sterlitamak Branch

Chuvash State University

Crimea Education

Kabardin-Balkar State University: founded in 1957, 4000 students of which 200 foreigners.
Adress: 173, Chernishevskiy Street, Nalchik - Tel. +7-86622-22560/25258
TIKA donated one fotocopy machine and one electric typewriter.

Kazak Universities
Kazak - American University
Kyzylorda Humanitarian University Korkyt Ata

Bishkek Humanities University
International University of Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyz Technical University
Jalal-Abad State University
Osh State University
Naryn Turkish Lyceum

Kazan State University & Science Center

Tuva State University
Tuva Kyzyl Lizey Uzbekistan

Silm AS operates 16 schools in Uzbekistan , four of them in capital Tashkent . 200 teachers teach 4000 pupils. Hürriyet - Oct 29, 96

Uzbek - Turkish Schools - Özbek - Türk Mektebleri

Tashkent Uzbek - Turkish Profession Lycee (Hotel and Tourism)

Urgud Uzbek - Turkish Commerce Lycee

Andijan Uzbek - Turkish Profession Lycee (Industry) Tel.

Kashkaderya Uzbek - Turkish Lycee

Navai Uzbek - Turkish Lycee

Namangan Uzbek - Turkish Commerce Lycee

Tashkent Turkish Elementary School: 58 pupils

The schools have a total of 16 principals, 76 turkish teachers and 1378 pupils.

Xinjiang University

CHECHEN PROSECUTOR TARGETS 'UNSANITARY' SCHOOLS. After investigating 372 separate complaints, the Chechen prosecutor's office issued a press release on December 12 concluding that sanitary conditions in almost all Chechen schools do not conform to basic standards, and some are without running water or sanitation, regnum.ru and kavkaz-uzel.ru reported. In addition, due to a shortage of teaching staff, some schools in the Gudermes, Urus-Martan, and Shelkovsky raions cannot teach foreign languages, while others have no teachers of physics, chemistry, history, or geography. Textbooks are in short supply. The prosecutor's office blamed the unsatisfactory situation on the republic's Education Ministry and called for immediate measures to rectify it. RFE/RL Newsline 13.12.2007 LF

A private Tatar school opened in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek on 24 May, Tatarinform reported. The opening ceremony was attended by the Russian ambassador in Kyrgyzstan, Georgii Rubens, as well as Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences member Vladimir Plotskikh. The Chulpan school was founded by the Tatar community in Bishkek. The last Tatar school in the capital was closed some 50 years ago. About 120 children are expected to attend the school's first semester in September. The Tatar community will sponsor its teachers and will provide for additional training in Kazan. Source: RFE/RL June 3, 1999

Official meeting dedicated to graduation in Turkish schools in Azerbaijan was held in the Republican Palace on May 28. Opening the meeting, director of the Turkish technical college Ozkan Akman said 17 Turkish educational institutions are currently operating in Azerbaijan (lycea, colleges, courses and one university), where 1,970 students are receiving education. 7 graduates have entered US, Japanese, Russian and Chinese schools. The greatest achievement, however, is the fact that 99% of graduates are admitted to higher schools from the first attempt. Then, Turkish STV broadcast a live address by President Aliyev from Antalya, where the President is currently resting. The President congratulated the graduates, wished them further successes and added that that he had always supported such educational institutions. The ceremony was attended by the Presidents executive office manager Ramiz Mehdiyev, counselor for ethnic policy Hidayat Orujev and a representative of the Ministry of Education Atabek Masud. In conclusion, a concert of Turkish students was held. Copyright 1999 Azernews-Azerkhabar 02-08 June 1999

15,000 STUDENTS AT TURKISH LYCEUMS. The Turkish Sebad-Turk company held its annual meeting in Bishkek today. It was announced at the meeting that the company had opened 11 Turkish Lyceums in Kyrgyzstan to date. There are 14,500 students at these Lyceums now. Also, the company has taken part in opening the Ala-Too Kyrgyz-Turkish University in Bishkek. 4.3.99

KYRGYZ LANGUAGE STILL WEAK IN KYRGYZSTAN. 9 years ago, on 23 September 1989, the law on state language passed in Kyrgyz parliament. According to it, Kyrgyz is a state language in Kyrgyzstan and all official documentation in the country should be carried out in Kyrgyz beginning in 2000.
Almazbek Toktomambetov, secretary of the National Commission on State Language, told our correspondent in Bishkek today the commission held its meeting yesterday. A new 10-year program of state language developments was discussed. Also, the commission has worked out amendments to the law on state language.
Kambaraly Bobulov, president of the Kyrgyz Til society, told our correspondent in Bishkek today the Kyrgyz language is still very weak in the country and needs more governmental support. According to him, if the Russian language becomes a second state language, it will weaken the Kyrgyz language much more.
Some public organizations and politicians have suggested to give Russian a status of second state language or, at least, a status of language of inter-ethnic communications, but the parliament has rejected it. There are about 650,000 ethnic Russians in Kyrgyzstan now, it is about 14% of entire population. TN Kirgiz 23.09.98 Naryn Idinov

KHAKASSIAN LANGUAGE TO BECOME REQUIRED SUBJECT IN REPUBLIC. Khakassian, which is a Turkic language, will become a required subject in schools in the Republic of Khakassia in line with an education policy approved by the republic's government on 30 July, ITAR-TASS reported. The plan also envisages courses in Khakassian history and nature in the eastern Siberian republic. In addition, some schools will offer language courses in Chuvash (another Turkic language) and Polish. The plan is to take effect in the new academic year, provided that it has been coordinated with the federal Education Ministry by then. RFE/RL 30.07.98

Turkish embassy in Bishkek announced on 11 April that Kyrgyz-Turkish 'Ala-Too' University would be opened in Bishkek during the Turkish Prime Minister's visit to Kyrgyzstan. Mesut Yilmaz will arrive in Bishkek on 14 April. Decision on openeing a new university was taken by Turkey and Kyrgyzstan last year and Karybek Moldobayev was appointed its rector. Kyrgyz-Turkish inter-governmental commission on education decided last November that Kyrgyz government would give for the university 600-hectar plot of land in Bishkek and an existing building. Turkish side agreed to spend 5.5 million US dollars for reconstruction of the building in 1998. TN 4.98

During the visit of the Turkish Prime Minister in Germany the foundation agreement of the Turkish-German University was signed. The university will also offer students from Causasus, Central Asia and Middle East the opportunity to get german education. SZ - Oct 01, 97

SCHOOL BOOKS FOR TURKIC REPUBLICS. Turkey will print school books for the Turkish speaking republics in the Latin alphabet, said State Minister Abdullah Gul. Speaking at a press conference with Education Minister Mehmet Saglam, Gul said that as a first step, 29 new school books would be printed and sent to Turkmenistan. Three million copies at a cost of 300 billion TL will kick-off the special education programme. The programme is being paid for with special funds from the Prime Ministry. May 28, 97

There are in: Turkmenistan 20 schools (2.400 pupils) - Uzbekistan 26 (3.428) - Kyrgyzstan 14 (2.200) - Kazakstan 34 (5.000) - Mongolia 4 (200) - Tatarstan 11 - Dagestan 5 - Bashkortostan 3 (265) - Chuvashia 1 - Crimea 1 (154) - Karachayevo-Cherkessiya 1 - Azerbaijan 19 (3.000) A total of 181 schools (156 schools with 2627 teachers and 25658 pupils , 9 educational centers and 16 universities with 424 staff and 3209 students in 9 countries ) in 33 countries.

Until mid 1997 15.073 students came to Turkey. Since 1991 137 professors from Turkey worked in Central Asia and 405 from Central Asia worked in Turkey.

The Süleyman Demirel University was opened in Almaty Dec 17, 96. Feza Company operates 30 lycees in Kazakstan .

There is an International Turkmen-Turkish University in Ashgabat and a Komrat University in Gagauz Place .

The Kyrgyzstan - Turkey Manas University is being set up in Bishkek . The language for education in the university will be Turkish and Kyrgyz . Other modern languages will also be taught. There will be departments of literature, economic and administrative sciences, technical education, and schools of theology and social and scientific institutes in the university where students from Turkey , Kyrgyzstan and the Turkish - Speaking Republics will be educated. Cumhuriyet - Aug 09, 96

According to an agreement between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey university diploma of both countries will be mutually accepted. Zaman Azerbeycan - Jun 27, 96

Sebat Company runs 11 lycees in Kyrgyzstan . 203 teachers (110 from Turkey) and 261 assisting personnel teach 1836 pupils. Milliyet - 9.4.96

Serhat company has a lyceum in Sterlitamak. They teach english, turkish, bashkir and russian to 48 pupils every class.

Since 1991 16 schools supported by the Turkish Ministry of National Eduction opened in the CIS : two primary schools, 10 high schools and four Turkish Language Learning Centres. Schools operated by companies and foundations reached an number of 156 : one primary school, 126 high schools, 13 colleges and one Turkish Language Learning Centre ( 2627 teacher teaching 24.945 pupils ) . 33 schools are located in Kazakstan , 20 in Uzbekistan, 15 both in Azerbaijan and Tatarstan and 13 in Kyrgyzstan . Eurasian File - 10.95

Kazak president Nursultan Nazarbayev announced in a decree of May 23, 95 plans to found an Eurasian University in the future capital Akmola.

Hoca Ahmet Yesevi International Turkish - Kazak University was founded in 1991 and will be located in Turkistan , a city in southern Kazakstan . Before the making of the four campuses in Turkistan , courses started at faculties in Chimkent and Kentau . In 1993 6.000 pupils were taught by 710 professors and assistants. 1993 the university had 13 faculties and 75 professorial chairs. 1997 16.000 students ( 200 from Turkey ) will attend courses.

Besides the 12.000 students from Central Asia and the Balkans , 235 teachers are working at Turkish Universities . Eurasian File - 4.94

Turkey 's Foreign Student Classification Council announced the acceptance of diplomas made at the Turkish Lycees in the CIS for Turkish Universities. So these students can apply for education and stipendia in Turkey . ZAMAN 01.11.95

This year 900 new students from Central Asian Turkic Republics will attend Turkish Universities . Tests will be held in Almaty , Chimkent , Karaganda , Bishkek and Osh on May 26. They will be followed by a test in Turkmenistan in June. DÜNYA - May 26, 96

Azerbaijan opened 200 and Uzbekistan 100 scholarships for turkish students. 2000 azeri students study in Turkey. 2500 turkish students study in Azerbaijan. 4600 pupils and students study and 300 teachers work at turkish schools in Azerbaijan. During the last three years 436.300 books, 20.000 azeri-turkish dictionary, 250 tons of raw paper have been presented to Azerbaijan. October 1997

2600 Turkmen pupil study at Turkish schools in Turkey. Yeni Yüzyil 23.01.98

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