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Kazakstan - Almaty-Astana Aviation

Regional Aviation Page

Scheduled flights :

    to Aktau Aqtau SCO ( former Fort Shevchenko ) : From Aktobe Almaty Amsterdam Astrakhan Atyrau Baku CIT Istanbul KBP MRV SVO ROV VKO Tbilisi

    to Aktobe AKX : From Aktau ALA Atyrau CGN DME LED HAJ HAM NUE STR

    to Arkalyk AYK : From ALA KSN

    to Atyrau GUW ( former Gurjev ) : From Aktau Aktobe Amsterdam Frankfurt Istanbul Oral ALA BAK BUD DME SVO TBS VIE

    to Balhash BXH : From ALA

    to Chimkent ( Shimkent ) CIT : From Aktau Almaty Astana Atyrau Dubai Moscow Hudjand

    to Dzambul ( Zhambyl ) DMB : From ALA NUE STR

    to Dzezkazgan ( Zhezkazgan ) DZN : From ALA DME

    to Ekibastuz EKB : From ALA

    to Karaganda KGF Sary-Arka Tel: (3212) 74-37-47, Fax: (3212) 74-55-70 email main*airport.krg.kz : From Aktobe Almaty Kostanay Pavlodar Ust-Kamenogorsk Antalya Cologne Frankfurt Hannover Kyiv Moscow Nuremberg St. Petersburg Simferopol Sharjah Stuttgart

    to Kokchetav ( Kokshetau ) KOV : From ALA DME GME HAJ

    to Kostanay ( Qostanay Kustanay ) KSN : From Frankfurt Hanover ALA AYK CGN DME DUS GME HAM Kyiv NUE LED STR TSE URA

    to Kyzl-Orda KZO : From ALA

    to Pawlodar PWQ : From ALA CGN DME HAJ GME NUE

    to Oral ( Uralsk ) URA : From Almaty Amsterdam FRA HAJ KGF NUE TSE

    to Oskeman ( Ust-Kamenogorsk ) UKK : From ALA CEK GME OVB

to Semey ( Semipalatinsk ) PLX : From ALA DME HAJ UKK

to Taldykurgan ( Taldygorgan ) TDK : From

Almaty Airport - former Alma - Ata

    UTC +6/7 ICAO Code UAAA

    Transfer Times : domestic onto domestic 0.30 hr, all from/to international 1.00 hr

    Airport Operator: +7-3272-571300 Fax 52-06-55, sita: alalm7x

    Flight info: +7-3272-541555


    Asiana Almaty Lufthansa Almaty

    Almaty airport has ILS Cat. III b equipment as the only airport in the CIS. There are 35 fog days per year in average.

    There is free WLAN at the airport.

    The Kazak government has reached an agreement with Lufthansa German Airlines on June 05, 1995 to hand over the management of Almaty Airport.

    Poorly trained airport crews, useless weather reports and bad fuel at Almati airport have become increasing problems for international airlines operating out of Kazakhstan, airline officials said. IHT - Mar 14, 96

    Fuel uplift at Almaty Airport is continued critical since many years.

Almaty Airport offers connections to Abu Dhabi AUH, Amsterdam AMS, Antalya AYT, Ashgabat ASB, Baku BAK, Bangkok BKK, Beijing PEK, Bishkek FRU, Bukhara BHK, Cairo CAI, Delhi DEL, Dushanbe DYU, Frankfurt FRA, Hanover HAJ, Helsinki HEL, Hongkong HKG, Islamabad ISB, Istanbul IST, Karachi KHI, Kazan KZN, Kyiv IEV & KBP, London LON, Mashad MHD, Nuremberg NUE, Novosibirsk OVB, Osh OSS, Prague PRG, Riga RIX, Saigon SGN, Samarkand SKD, Seoul ICN, Sharjah SHJ, Simferopol SIP, St. Petersburg LED, Tashkent TAS, Tbilisi TBS, Teheran THR, Tel Aviv TLV, Ulgii ULG, Ulan Bator ULN, Urumqi URC, Yerevan EVN

Several flights a day to Aktau Aktobe Astana Atyrau Chimkent Karaganda Kostanay Kyzylorda Oral Oskemen Pavlodar Petropavlovsk Shymkent Uralsk

Astana Airport

    UTC +6/7 ICAO Code UACC

    Transfer Times : domestic onto domestic 0.30 hr, all from/to international 1.00 hr

    Airport Operator: +7-3172-32-73-33 -32-73-00

    Fax 33 37 41



    Astana International Airport handled 2,330 flights in the first half of 2004, up 5% from the same period last year. The airport handled 82,900 passengers, up 17% year-on-year. Cargo handling was up 110% to 1,200 tons. This was due to an increase in the frequency of flights on existing routes and new flights in Kazakhstan and the CIS. Earnings in the first half were up 192% year-on-year to 1.948 billion tenge. Expenses in the first half of 2004 totaled 1.511 billion tenge, up 29.5% from the same period last year.

Astana Airport offers flight connections to Abu Dhabi AUH, Baku BAK, Beijing PEK, Bishkek FRU, Budapest BUD, Cologne CGN, Delhi DEL, Frankfurt FRA, Hanover HAJ, Istanbul IST, Kyiv IEV, Moscow Domodedovo, Paris CDG, Seoul ICN, Sharjah SHJ, Tashkent TAS, Tbilisi TBS, Tyumen TJM, Ulan-Bator ULN, Urumqi URC, Vienna VIE, Vilnius VNO and Yekaterinburg SVX.

Several flights a day from Astana to Aktobe Almaty Atyrau Chimkent Kostanay, Kyzylorda, Oral, Oskemen, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Semey, Taraz and Zhezkazgan

Air Astana KC / KZR
founded in May 2002, no frightening russian aircrafts in fleet, pilots and stewardesses trained by Turkish Airlines, maintenance by Lufthansa Technic


    3 Airbus 320-232 P4-PAS SAS WAS

    2 Airbus 321

    2 Airbus 321neo

    ATR 72 - retired

    2 Boeing 737-700 P4-CAS - retired

    1 Boeing 737-800 P4-BAS - retired

    5 Boeing 757-200 P4-EAS FAS GAS MAS

    2 Boeing 767 P4-KCA

    6 Embraer E-190 - 4 delivered in 2012

    6 Fokker 50 PH -ZDC ZDG  to be replaced by Embraer's in 2012


Air Astana is the biggest airline in Kazakhstan. The government owns 51% and Britain's BAE Systems Ltd owns 49%. The company carried 387,000 passengers and 2,300 tons of cargo in 2003 with a load ratio of 66% (56% in 2002). Net profit for 2003 totaled 478 million tenge, compared with a net loss of 796 million tenge in 2002. Earnings totaled 10 billion tenge. The company transported 319,000 passengers and 5,000 tons of cargo and mail in the first half of this year, up 89.4% and 300% from the same period last year. Net earnings totaled 199 million tenge and the company paid 117 million tenge in taxes. Production figures increased as the company began to offer regular flights to Germany.

Air Kazakstan Group 9Y / KZK went bankrupt February 05, 2004 after Kazakstan Aue Yoldary. Atyrau Air-Ways JOL / AAW - Atyrau Aue Joli and Irtysh Avia were once merged into the Air Kazakstan Group. Air Kazakhstan is the successor to bankrupt Kazakhstan Aue Zholy (a.k.a. Kazakhstan Airlines or KazAir) which was Kazakhstan's successor to Aeroflot during the Soviet period. Air Kazakhstan was established in August 1996 as a state-owned company, and organized to operate as a separate, integrated airlines starting from a debt-free base. Most of Air Kazakhstan's aging fleet and equipment consists of aircraft inherited from Aeroflot upon the break-up of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991.

Kokshetau Airlines / Avia 0K

Fleet: YK4 UN-88221

Qazaq Air IQ Almaty

3 Dash 8Q-400 P4-AST NUR QAZ

Sayakhat Air Company W7/SAH

Address: Bogenbai Batyr Str. 124 480091 Almaty Tel: (3272) 622628, 62-45-45, Fax: (3272) 62-28-70

1 Tu154M 85837 from XO


Semipalatinsk / Semei

Air Company SCAT / SKAT DV





Yak 42

Tahmid Air THM


1 Boeing 737-219 UN-B3709



Turkestan Airlines UF UM IR

Address : Zheltoksan Str. 112/503-505 - 480091 Almaty - Tel/Fax +7-3272-399655


    Airbus 320

    3 IL86

VIP Air 9V / VPA

Address : Astana Airport 473026 Astana, Tel. +7-3272-324329, Fax 571870


    1 Tu-154M UN-85782



air charter companies:

Berkut Air and Kazairwest


Astana airport passenger traffic has increased by 14% for 2012 compared

with the last year for the same period and amounted to 2 303 143 passengers.


Kazakhstan has Difficult Situation with Jet Fuel for Civil Aviation

There is a difficult situation in Kazakhstan with the provision of civil aviation with jet fuel, Minister of Transport and Communications Berik Kamaliyev said at the meeting, the press service of the ministry said. The representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Oil and Gas, the leaders of "KazMunayGas" national company, as well as the representatives of airlines and airports attended the meeting.

As of January 6, remaining fuel at the airports hits 30,700 tons, Air Astana's fuel - 7,400 tons, "SCAT" airline's fuel - 96 tons.

Kamaliyev highlighted the need for urgent actions to provide the civil aviation with jet fuel in the required volume and at reasonable prices. He ordered the civil aviation committee to make a schedule on jet fuel supply for airlines and airports.

The meetings were held with representatives of the ministry of transport and communications, the ministry of oil and gas, "KazMunayGas" national company, airports, airlines on December 21 and December 26, 2011. The ministry of oil and gas ordered "KazMunayGas" national company to allot additional 12,000 tons of jet fuel for the main consumers - "Air Astana", "SKAT", the airports of Astana, Almaty and Karaganda.

    Kazakhstan has nine airlines offering scheduled passenger and cargo flights, 25 air charter companies, and 24 companies
                               that perform aviation work. Airlines in the first half transported 374,000 passengers and 6,700 tons of cargo and mail, down
                               41% and 33% year-on-year respectively. Passenger turnover totaled 1.069 billion passenger-kilometers and cargo turnover totaled
                               38.2 million ton-kilometers. Airports in the first half handled 512,200 passengers and 16,800 tons of cargo and mail, including
                               210,600 passengers and 16,800 tons of cargo on international routes, down 59% and 9% year-on-year. Transit flights through
                               Kazakhstan totaled 39.067 million aircraft-kilometers, up 21% year-on-year. The biggest problems for airlines include the
                               imperfect laws that do not coincide with international laws, the low buying power of individuals, and the significant depreciation
                               of equipment. Most of the country's airports with the exception of Astana and Almaty require runway overhauls, but the airports
                               lack the money to accomplish this on their own.
    The immediate priority will be to modernize airports to improve flight safety and expand the transit potential.
                               Kazakhstan will focus on developing the airport in the capital. An airport complex is being built under a project to reconstruct
                               the Astana airport with funding from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). The bank provided 30.7 billion tenge,
                               20% of which will be provided as a loan and 80% as a grant out of the budget. This will create a modern complex that meets
                               international standards. The Kazakh budget for 2004 includes 1.5 billion tenge to reconstruct the runways at Aktobe Airport
                               to be completed next year. As of July 1, 7.749 billion tenge had been spent to develop civil aviation, or 93.9% of planned
                               financing for the period.
    Alitalia Cargo, FedEx and KLM Cargo starting serving Almaty for cargo delivery and uplift as well as a fueling
                               stop. 2003/2004
                               granted Kazakhstan a $25 million loan to finance the upgrading to
                               international standards of the airport at Kazakhstan's "oil capital,"
                               Atyrau, ITAR-TASS reported on 28 August. The work will be undertaken
                               by a company from the Netherlands and should be completed by late
                               2003. RFE/RL NEWSLINE Vol. 6, No. 163, Part I, 29 August 2002
    A new terminal building for Almaty International Airport is expected to
                               be completed by September of 2001, Almaty city Akim Viktor Khrapunov
                               said. City authorities are ready to allocate USD 6 million for the
                               construction project, with banks loans making up the remaining USD 15-18
                               million needed for the project.
                               Plans for the terminal include a building constructed of glass and metal
                               designed to match up with other world airports and built in line with
                               international standards. Khrapunov named airport buildings in Munich and
                               Frankfurt-am-Main as models for the project.
                               Foreign construction companies will likely be involved in implementation
                               of the project. Hungarian, Austrian, German and French construction
                               companies have already submitted bids on the project. A winner will be
                               selected by the end of this month. Russian firm Mosaeroproekt is
                               co-ordinating the project. (Golden Eagle Partners) from TEB 20.06.00
    Starting June 1, Transaero's flight Moscow-Astana-Moscow will be run six times a week instead of once as of today.
                               Times of Central Asia 00/08
    Turkish Abka Construction company going to modernize Atyrau Airport. Abka and Swedish ABB formed a joint-venture.
                               Abka which holds 40% of the Almaty based JV will be responsible for the construction work, ABB for the machinery. The projects
                               amount totals 100 mln USD and will take two years. DÜNYA 24.08.98
    LATAS pursuing Almaty upgrade Lufthansa Airport Service Almaty  (LATAS), a subsidiary of Lufthansa Airport and
                               Ground Services (LAGS), is
                               operating managerial as well as ground handling services at Almaty, Kazakhstan. Since LATAS took over management of the airport
                               last summer, the redevelopment of
                               the runway, modernisation of terminal facilities and overall privatisation process has become well advanced. The international
                               arrival hall has been remodelled, while renovation
                               of the departure terminal is ongoing. A S. som loan, to be paid back from airport operations, has been sought from the Kazakhstan
                               government to fund the upgrade projects.
                               LAGS has helped develop airports elsewhere in the world, including managing Bucharest International Airport and operating
                               cargo and passenger services at Moscow’s
                               Sheremetyevo-I Airport. Formed in 1990 as a subsidiary of Lufthansa German Airlines, LAGS’ other services include cargo
                               handling, ramp operations, airport security and
                               engineering. The company holds shares in 41 companies, operating at 77 airports in 26 Countries. together employing 12,000
                               people. 1.4.97 COM

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