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Aviation Misc.

Antalya Strandurlaub in Lara / Kundu / Aksu

Basic information on airlines of the Turkish World

Three Central Asian Airline try to participate at the India/Pak - UK traffic: HY from DEL/KHI via TAS to LHR and MAN: professional but with uncomfortable transit; KC from DEL to BHX via GUW and T5 to BHX and LHR via ASB with new, beautiful bobbies B737. T5 has only very few local passengers.
They also have their connections from the Emirates : Uzbekistan HY , Imair IK , Kyrgyzstan K2 and Air Astana KC in Sharjah, Azerbaijan J2 in Dubai and Turkenistan T5 in Abu Dhabi .
Tashkent is a regional hub in Central Asia, Ufa in the Volga-Ural Region. Istanbul Airport has most flights into the Turkish World. Bashkortostan and Tatarstan do not use western equipment. It is strange that oil-rich Kazakstans two airlines [KAZ Air and Air Kazakstan] went bankrupt and could not fly to many airports. Also oil-rich Azerbaijan's Airline does not look very much for a hub role in the region. AZAL relies on oil traffic to Europe and offers a lot of flights to Turkey and Russia.
"Il-86 planes will not be in use starting November 15, 2006 and it is too costly to keep them through the winter and fly just two or three months in the summer," Aeroflot's Deputy Director General Igor Desyatnichenko told reporters. Other airlines in the region are still far from replacing their fuel-spoiling fleet.
If you already have your visa, most lines will lead through Frankfurt. Getting a visa in Istanbul is easy and some cities can be better reached via Istanbul. The main airport there is Atatürk Airport International Istanbul. Many reasons speak for chosing Istanbul to fly to Central Asia and the Caucasus region.
Istanbul's second airport is Sabiha Gökcen airport. Due to its cheaper prices and its spare capacity it fits operation from the Balkans, Caucasus, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
Germany's main hubs are Frankfurt and Munich airport. Vienna offers a lot of flights to Eastern Europe but on busy days transit in Vienna is not very convenient. Flights have often delays. Beware of very short connections.

Transit at a Gulf airport is also convenient if it does not add flying hours. Transit times can be very long.

Hints for journeys with CIS airlines - how to feel safer

Always close all doors in your aircraft very smoothly!
Check your airlines reputation in the web before you buy a ticket.
Check out their english level and international experience, esp. that of their pilots. When sitting or standing up, don't touch the seat in front of you. A human being is sitting there.
Do not fly on holidays : Vodka may be widespread in the plane, even in the cockpit.
Do not have too much baggage : Even hand baggage is included in your free baggage allowance. Any excessing kilo will be charged by 1 % of your one way ticket price. If you fly from/to the USA, only two pieces of luggages are allowed, each max. 35 lbs. Local airlines are much more restrictive than international.
There is a new regulation since 06.11.06 in Europe on liquids in your hand luggage. Effectively it prevents you from bringing alcohol not bought at the airport duty free with you. Restriction of civic rights sucks!
Do not trust their de-icers too much! Prefer warmer days.
If there might be fog know if the airport you fly to has a ICAO CAT II or III landing system, most CIS airports don't.
Listen to possible emergency presentations, pay attention to the flightcrew safety demonstration/video, carefully read the safety briefing card. Know where the nearest emergency exit is and know how to open it in case of emergency (refer to the safety briefing card). Ask if you have a question.
Prefer aile seats and be cautious when baggage is put in the aile or at emergency exits. Watch that all head racks are closed.
Prefer airlines that renew their fleets. In Russia, unfortunately due to the tax code only a few are able to.
Prefer flights that are shown in major Computer Reservation System as these airlines seems to be able to afford that service.
Prefer scheduled airlines rather than charter airlines: That is what the statistics say (maintenance reason)
Always keep your seatbelt fastened when in your seat (Clear Air Turbulence can be unexpected and can cause serious injuries)
State Department Travel Information: Travelers on airlines among the countries of the Caucasus may experience prolonged delays and sudden cancellations of flights. In addition to routine delays, flights are often overcrowded with passengers without seats standing in the aisle, along with excess unsecured cabin luggage. Even basic safety features such as seat belts are sometimes missing.

  • Kristine's comments 15.01.1999
    After previous experiences, we were amazed at our good fortune in terms of both the service on the flights and the lack of feeling as if our lives were in danger on flights! A few things for people travelling... Arrive early - and use the scales around the airport to make sure that you have less than 20 kilograms (or whatever your wait limit). If you have just a few kilos more, a few tricks... 1. put a few heavy things in one of the "pakets" or Russian plastic bags, and cover it with mittens or crackers. Then when you go to check in, lean the bag on the floor against the counter where you're checking in. They rarely, if ever, will force you to put this on the scale, and you can always argue it is "your purse." Russians do this often. 2. Wear a student size backpack th same color as your coat. Black works in particularly well. Even if it is stuffed absolutely full, they rarely pay enough attention to know that you're wearing it as you put your other things on the scale to weight. 3. Pack in many smaller bags instead of the typical large suitcases Americans use. There is not limit on the number of bags, only on the amount of weight. If registration is in a different place than the flight hall, a friend can hold another bag of overweight and no one will usually check the "cabin luggage" tags that they put on to make sure everything was weighed. Also, with smaller bags they fit underneath seats or on top and you won't have to check luggage in. Not having to check anything in saves lots of TIME and HASSLE. 4. If you're travelling as a group, give everyone one of the small pakets with stuff, and try to put all the other bags on the scale together. Usually if you're speaking a foreign language they'll finally give up, register you,and send you through without making you put absolutely everything on the scale (not enough room for all those little things in addition to the other bags...) Most of the airports require you to go on a bus to get to the flight, and do not allow you to walk straight from the terminal into a warm plane. Often, the buses are NOT heated, and the plane may not have been heated prior to your entrance. Keep plenty of winter clothes on you (they also don't weight what you're wearing:) - a friend put six bottles of alcohol into her coat pockets and underneath her sweater. Security thought only that she wanted plenty for the flight...) The idea is to be the last one onto the, and the FIRST one off of th bus. The first one off is especially important if you have lots of small bags and need to find a place for them. Most flights give you a seat number, however, unless the flight is very full you can choose any seat you want. Our experience with buying tickets was pleasant, but took a long time. The one bright spot was St. Petersburg - if anyone is traveling through there, I would highly advise foreigners to buy all of their tickets in that one city! It goes much more quickly, and there are many fewer hassles with looking at documents, determining tariffs, etc. Also, we were able to use credit cards in St. Petersburg, but had to pay cash (rubles) in all other cities. Overall, flying in Russia is much cheaper for foreigners now. In most cases, the cost of a coupe on the train was of similar cost to flying for us. Hope this helps, Kristine
  • Nice hotels at the Gulf
    UAE (mind public holidays)
    Abu Dhabi (mind the Formula 1 time)
    Holiday Inn, close to the ADNEC, small outdoor pool at 11th floor
    Novotel Centre, outdoor pool at 5th floor

    Central Asia - Orta Asya - Zentralasien - Asie Centrale - Urta Asiya - Zentralniy Asiya

  • Central Asia Tourism
  • Turksib
  • ALMATY, July 1 (Interfax-Kazakhstan) - A transnational railway linking Tashkent, Teheran and Istanbul is to be commissioned in January 2001 in line with an agreement signed in Almaty on Wednesday by the railway chiefs of Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. The railway will be about 6,000 kilometers long. Train departures will be once a week and a ticket will cost around $100. From Almaty and Bishkek passengers will travel to Istanbul without change. Carriages running from these cities will be linked to the main train in Tashkent. The sides are currently working on technical, customs and other aspects of the project. (c) 1999 by Interfax International, Ltd. INTERFAX NEWS AGENCY DAILY NEWS BULLETIN 02/07/1999
  • New motorway in Central Asia. During a meeting of the Presidents of Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan earlier this year, the parties discussed a number of interesting plans. They exchanged opinions on the construction of a 80 km motorway linking Almaty and Cholpon-Ata at Lake Issyk-Kul. Recently a bilateral agreement was signed. So the designing of the motorway is to begin this year and construction next year. Trade between the two countries increased 50% last year. And more increases are expected when such new transport links are established. July 11, 97
  • The highway to be constructed between Tashkent and Osh is expected to be one of the major sections of the Great Silkroad which is to be revived soon. It will be possible to carry cargo from Tashkent to Krygyzstan and even to China. Economists claim that the new road gained in importance because it will connect Tashkent to the Fergana Valley which is inhabited by half of the population of Uzbekistan. Today 4,500 vehicles use the highway daily. This number is expected to record a sixfold increase after the completion of the highway. Car parks and service stations are to be installed on the highway reaching international standards then. Eurasian File 9.96
  • WTO increased its pressure on China and other asian countries to open the Silk Road for international tourism. At a WTO-meeting in Xian, a Silk Road point, representatives of 25 countries demanded an end to restrictions and liberalized visa rules. The 12.000 km caravan route between Europe and Asia is the longest road in the world. FAZ - Aug 23, 96
  • The presidents of 12 countries attended the opening of the 295 km railway line between Meshed-Sarakhs-Tedzen. The construction took 3 years. Central Asia is now connected to Bender Abbas sea port. Central Asia obtains a sure and reliable outlet to transport their goods to the outer world. The new track allows for rail freight to avoid Russia be the shortest possible route. The transportation of 3 mln tons a year and a fee revenue for Iran of 10 mln $ is expected. Hürriyet - May 10, 96
  • Caucasus - Kafkasya - Kaukasus - Kafkaziya

  • Kaukasus Spezialist
  • UZBEK DELEGATION VISITS BAKU. Visiting Uzbek First Deputy Prime Minister Ismail Djurabekov and his Azeri counterpart, Abbas Abbasov, also discussed the benefits of the TRACECA during their talks in Baku on 25 February. Djurabekov said that Uzbekistan last year saved $40 per ton by transporting goods from Tashkent via Turkmenbashi, Baku, Poti, and Ilichevsk. He added that Uzbekistan plans to double the amount of goods shipped by this route this year from the 1997 volume of 200,000 tons. The two sides signed three inter-governmental economic agreements on streamlining currency and export operations and combatting financial and economic crime. RFE/RL 27.02.98
  • Best Hotels in the Region and Car Rentals

    Azerbaijan - Azerbeycan - Aserbaidschan : Baku - Bakü

  • Baku Hotels
  • Massaly Hotels
  • Nabran Hotels
    • Isti Su in Müqtedir
  • Baku Entertainment Center
  • TURAN: OVER 11,000 FOREIGN TOURISTS VISITED AZERBAIJAN IN 1999 Baku, 2nd February: A total of 11,365 foreign tourists visited Azerbaijan in 1999. The revenue from services for them amounted to 14.4m dollars, the council on foreign tourism under the Cabinet of Ministers has told Turan news agency. According to the same source, a total of 51,737 people from Azerbaijan went on foreign tourist trips. They spent 41.8m dollars on those trips. The council on foreign tourism reports that about 170 tourist firms are operating in Azerbaijan and of these only 49 have state licences.
  • Number Of Foreign Tourists Up Almost Six Times
    In CIS, Azerbaijan is the third country for the number of tourists and revenues from tourism (USD45 per resident a year), Azernews was informed by the chairman of the Council for foreign tourism Samur Novruzov. The Azerbaijan Republic, possessing unique historical (up to 6,000) and architectural (up to 4,000) monuments has all the opportunities for expansion of international tourism relations. According to S. Rustamov, the number of tourists had increased from 65,000 in 1994 to 374,000 in 1998 (in the Soviet times, there were 6-7 thousand a year). Tourists come to Azerbaijan from Iran, Turkey, USA, Japan, Germany, Israel, Syria and other countries. AzerNews-AzerKhabar, 4/21/99-4/27/99
  • Azerbaijan's railways have virtually doubled their freight-handling volumes this year by comparison with 1996, meeting their target for the year back in September, ASSA- Irada news agency reported, quoting a senior railway official. This year's total to date is 8,967,330 tonnes of freight, of which 7,257,400t were oil and petroleum products, including 863,540 t of oil from Kazakhstan's Tengiz deposit, the official said. Construction materials accounted for 920,515t and agricultural and other produce for 789,415t. In addition, the railways carried 452,825t of grain products and flour as transit for countries in Central Asia, as well as 91,450t of Central Asian cotton. December 29, 97
  • The number of railroad passengers was 2.542.500 in the first nine months of 1997, 26% less than in 1996. The number of metro passengers fell by 4% to 119.119.700 in the same period. Eurasian File - 12.97
  • Bashkortostan - Baskirdistan - Bashkiria - Baschkirien : Ufa

  • Zarya Hotel, Lenin prospekti, Ishimbay
  • Aktau Hotel, Ufa
  • Best Eastern President Hotel, Ufa


  • Chechnya - Çecenistan - Tschetschenien : Djoharkala - Grozny

    Chuvashiya - Çuvasya : Cheboksary - Shupashkar

  • BEST EASTERN DIS HOTEL, 11 TSIVILSKAYA STREET, +7-8352-234248, First Class, ***
  • Chuvashia - Lenin av. 2 - Tel. 22-45-67 - 150.000 Rubel

    Dagestan - Dagistan : Makhachkala

  • Dagestan

    Kabardino-Balkaria : Nalchik

  • Sanatorium
  • Kazakstan - Kazakistan - Kasachstan : Astana

  • Aktyubinsk Hotel
    • Djemalis Jali - Lenin Prospekt 44 - Tel. 572815/573336 Fax 577772
  • Almaty - Almati (Alma-Ata) Hotels
  • Almaty : Avis Rent A Car ( Suyunbay Avenue 157B )
  • Astana Hotels
  • Atyrau Hotels
    • The Chagala Hotel - *** - K. Smagulov Str. 1 - 465002 Atyrau - Tel. +7- 31222-54033/28490 Fax -54034
    • CASPIAN - Satpayev Str. 15 - Tel. +7-31222-33307
    • River Palace
  • Kyzl-Orda Hotels
  • Uralsk Hotels
    • The Bayan Hotel - *** - T. Masina Str. 67/1 - 417029 Uralsk - Tel. +7-31122-59855 - Fax -20459
    • Pushkin Hotel
  • ACS Travel
  • Aktau Port
  • Asia Tourism
  • KanTengri Mountain Service
  • Kazak Railways started train schedule between Almaty and Astana on two days a week. The 12-wagon train completes its journey in 22 hours. Eurasian File 6.98
  • Kyrgyzstan - Kirgizistan - Kirgistan : Bishkek - Biskek

    Unfortunately Kyrgyzstan routinely faces electricity and heating problems in the winter.

    In Osh is the Jukhow on Amir Timur koshosu, 20-A. Tel. (3222) 200.72. They charge US$ 20 for a double, including full board. In Karakol, the Shevchuk family has guesthouse at Pervii Proezd Thaelmana, 4. Tel. is (3922) 226.95. When I was there (early April that is), price was US$ 5 in Som, including breakfast.

  • In order to stimulate foreign and domestic tourism, the government plans to attract foreign investments by offering tax and customs privileges, granting state guarantees and providing other ways of governmental support. In 1999, it is planning to complete reconstruction of the "Ala-too" hotel (with participation of a German partner) and the "Kyrgyzstan" hotel (with participation of Italian and US partners). Privatization processes in the resort/recreation sector should accelerate. All visa and customs procedures for tourists will simplify. TEB 10.5.99
  • The Bishkek-Osh Highway will be constructed by a Turkish-Kyrgyz Joint Venture. Contstruction will be finished in 2001. About 2.000 workers will be employed. Eurasian File - 07.96/2
  • Asian Bank of Development and Reconstruction will credit Kyrgyzstan $50 mln for rebuilding the Bishkek-Osh automobile road. This road plays a strategic role for Kyrgyzstan because it connects two regions: the industrial North and the populous South. The credit will be paid back in fourty years, with a grace period of ten years, and will be utilised for the reconstruction of the most hazardous 135km of the 450km highway. The total cost of the project is about $89 mln. The government of Kyrgyzstan will invest about $ 18.5 mln with the difference invested by the Japanese Foundation for foreign economic cooperation and the Scandinavian Foundation for Development. Eurasian File - 07.96
  • List of hotels List of hotels
  • Sakha - Yakutiya : Yakutsk

  • Yakutia Travel


    • Hotel Ontario Viliuskaya ul., ph/fax 22-046, 65-058
    • Lainer ul. Bykovskovo 1, ph. 95-227
    • Sterkh

    Tatarstan - Tataristan : Kazan

  • Kazan Hotel List
  • Kazan Metro
  • Tourist agencies
  • Volga Cruise
  • Turkiye ile Tataristan arasinda Turizm Isbirligi Protokolu imzalandi. Turkiye-Tataristan Turizm Isbirligi Protokolu egitim, istatistiki bilgi alisverisi, organize bireysel turizm, kongre turizmi, 3. ulkelerden turist tesviki gibi konulari iceriyor. DUNYA - 16 Nisan 1997
  • Newly built bridge shortens distances between Moscow and Kazan : A long bridge for motorists built across the Sviaga river in Tatarstan is ready to be put into operation. The inspection of the bridge was started by a State Commission today. ...on the most important areas in Tatarstan divided by bid river and has become a reliable transport link connecting Tatarstan with Russia's center, the Volga region, Urals and Siberia. The construction of the bridge whose cost exceeds five billion roubles continued for six years. ITAR-TASS Nov 6, 96
  • Antalya based Eha Group signed an agreement with Tatarstan worth 165 trln TRL (1,7 bln USD). The agreement signed with the Tatarstan Highway Department includes the construction of 40 gas stations, a bridge and 80 km highway. Work will start as soon as weather condition allows and be finished within 5 years. Milliyet - Oct 31, 96
  • Turkmenistan : Ashgabat - Askabat

  • Ashgabat Hotels
  • Turkmenbashi (Krasnovodsk) Hotels

    Ufa - Öfö

    • President Hotel - **** 450092 Ufa, ul. Avrory 2 - Tel: (3472) 53-63-43, 53-60-47, 53-64-71, 53-64-55, 53-64-39 Fax: 53-60-47, 53-02-22
    • Rossiya
  • Guide to Turkmenistan
  • Landscape of Turkmenistan
  • Turkmenistan Travel
    Turkmenistan is to require citizens of most CIS states to obtain a visa before visiting that country, Interfax reported on 17 March. Turkmenistan is the first country to announce it is withdrawing from the CIS Free Travel Agreement. A "source" told Interfax that one reason for the decision is that "mass migration and other travel are becoming increasingly uncontrollable." Another reason, according to the same source, is that Turkmenistan has become a haven for those wanted for crimes elsewhere in the CIS. Citizens from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are exempt from the new requirement, which is expected to go into effect beginning 9 June. RFE/RL 17.03.99
  • 25.000 Turkmen visited foreign countries and 227.000 foreigners came to Turkmenistan, incl. those in transit in the first three quarters of 1998. 30.700 people are employeed in the tourism sector, incl. 4.000 foreigners. 79 tourist agencies are operating. The sector income in the first quarter was 28,5 mln USD. Eurasian File 11.98
  • The Turkmen Tourism Code was approved in 1995. While 400 foreign tourists visited Turkmenistan in 1994, this figure rose to 30.000 from 95 different countries in 1997. In 1997 56.000 Turkmen visited 20 countries. While tourism income was 400.000 in 1994, this amount was 31.31 mln USD in 1997. Eurasian File 03.98
  • Tuva : Kyzyl

  • Hotel Kottege
  • Tuva Travel
  • Tuva Tourism
  • Hotels in Tuva

    Uzbekistan : Tashkent - Taskent

  • Bukhara - Buhara Hotels
    • Bukhoro Hotel - Standard Class - 175 rooms and 8 suites - modernized in 1982 - Muminov Str. 8 - 705016 Bukhara - Tel/Fax +998-36522-31359
    • Hotel Bukhara - First Class - 220 rooms -1996 built - Navoi Avenu 8 - 705018 Bukhara - Tel. +998-36522-35348, Fax -31359, rates 105$
    • "Farkhad & Maya" agency & hotel
    • Karavan-Sarai - four-star - 450 luxury beds - built by indian Larsen Toubro Ltd. of Bombay
  • Fergana Hotel
  • Samarkand Hotels
  • Tashkent Hotels
  • Urgench Hotels
    • Horazm Hotel - Al Baruni Str. 2, built in 1997, 204 rooms
    • Jayhun Hotel - Al Khorezmi Str. 28, built in 1993, 230 rooms
  • Asia Travel International
  • Images of Uzbekistan
  • Samarkand
  • Sam-Buh Tours
  • Sogda Tours
  • UZE Reiseservice
  • Uzintour
  • BULGARIA OFFERS TO BE UZBEKISTAN'S 'GATE TO EUROPE.' Erkin Khalilov, chairman of the Uzbek parliament, told his Bulgarian counterpart, Yordan Sokolov, in Sofia on 1 July that Uzbekistan regards ties with Bulgaria as a "priority," because of that country's geographical location, namely on the "shortest route [for Uzbekistan] to Europe." Prime Minister Ivan Kostov told Khalilov that the Black Sea ports of Varna and Burgas may become "Uzbekistan's gate to Europe," BTA reported. Khalilov said that when TRACECA (Europe- Caucasus-Asia Transport Corridor) is developed, his country will indeed use Varna and Burgas. RFE/RL Newsline 02.07.99
  • On September 30, 1998 a new telephone country code for foreign countries will be introduced in the republic of Uzbekistan. Currently to telephone to Uzbekistan from abroad, one should dial the international telephone code '7' then the regional code (371 for Tashkent), and then the local telephone number. New telephone numbers will all have 12 digits and are expected to make connection easier and faster. The project will be accomplished in two stages. In the first stage, the code (998) for calling Uzbekistan from foreign countries, excluding the CIS, will be introduced. In the second stage, new nine-digit telephone numbers will be introduced in Uzbekistan. The new system does not affect international telephone calls from Uzbekistan. July 98
  • Im vergangenen Jahr kamen rund 700 000 Touristen nach Usbekistan, davon 20 000 aus Deutschland. 10.3.98
  • Thus, in 1995 374.000 tourists were received against 313.000 in 1994, currency earnings amounted up to $ 10.2 million compared to 5.6 million in 1993 and 8 million in 1994. Services were rendered to 530.1 thousand tourists, including 44.790 from foreign and 69.210 from the CIS countries. Excursions were arranged for 270.4 thousand people. Services were rendered for the amount of 786.1 million soum which made 201.6% of the forecast, the amount of currency earnings was $ 10.3 million or 128.4% of the forecast. Taking into consideration the anticipated number of tourists we shall have not less than 120 guides on the staff and more than 60 part-time guides. About 20 simultaneous interpreters shall be trained who will work at various international forums. At January 1, 1996 there were 6.632 rooms in hotels in the Republic. Some hotels in Andijan, Namanghan and the Kashkadarya province are being reconstructed and re-equipped. It is planned to renovate 15 hotels with 5.700 rooms, to completely reconstruct all hotels, to attract leading firms of the world to make investments to Uzbekistan, to organize management and services. The anticipated capital investments will be $ 90 million. A new hotel with 600 rooms has been put into operation. This year it is expected to complete the construction of the like hotels both in Samarkand and Bukhara with 930 rooms. It is necessary to build about 30 new hotels with the total number of rooms amounting 3-4 thousand. Preference will be given to the construction of small hotels (for about 100 rooms) which will allow to use better local resources, to improve financing possibilities, to decrease operation and management costs. UZINFO
  • Japan has allocated a 60 mln $ credit to Uzbekistan for the construction of the largest railway coaches repairing plant in Central Asia. By annually repairing 400 railway coaches the plant will fulfil orders from Central Asia and other countries in the region. Feb 13, 97
  • Turkish Anatolia News Agency opened an office in Tashkent. It is the fourth office. Offices in Baku, Ashgabat and Almaty were opened earlier. Each office gives the opportunity to improve reporting from Uzbekistan. Representative will be an experienced Sabri Selvi who works as a journalist since 1973. DÜNYA - Sep 06, 96
  • 2.000 tons of uzbek cotton reached to the georgian port of Poti to be sent to Europe according to an agreement signed between Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. In 96 more than 300.000 tons of cotton will be transported to Europe via Poti. Eurasian File - 08.96
  • As the last Turkic Republic Uzbekistan introduced its own car plate system which divides the country into 23 regions. The plate shows the region number in blue at the left, a letter and a four-digit number at the right. It has no uzbek flag or ceal.
  • 44 790 foreign tourist came to Uzbekistan in 1994. This is an increase of 12 percent compared with 1993 figures. FAZ - March 02, 95
  • Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region : Urumqi

  • Turpan Hotel
  • Urumqi Hotels
  • Xinjiang Uighur Tourism
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