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Welcome to the Turkish World!


Aircraft Speed
Turboprops - AT5 474 km/h, AT7 500 km/h, F50 520 km/h, EMB 120 552 km/h, DH8 640 km/h, S20 670 km/h
Jets - ARJ 760 km/h, B733/734/735 795 km/h, CRJ 820 km/h, B736/737/738/739 823 km/h, CS100/300 828 km/h, E90/95 833 km/h, A32S 840 km/h, ER145/F100 850 km/h, F70 856 km/h, B777 905 km/h



Crimea Air

In 1960, Soviet airline Aeroflot announced that it needs a cheap and simple transport to replace Li-2 (licensed DC-3), Il-2 and Il-14 aircraft. Today the AN-24 serves most domestic routes and even some regional and international flights in the CIS. After the collapse of the Soviet Union some have been sold to foreign countries. The An-26 like the An-24RV has an auxiliary turbojet in the right engine nacelle, used for high-and-hot operations. The An-26 has a rear loading ramp. It is in service since 1969.

Performance Characteristics

                           speed              450 km/hr
                           Range                     1,700 km
                           Seats                      48-52


Uzbekistan Airways

Flying aboard IL 62M is an opportunity to overcome big distances within a short time. 285 IL62 have been manifactured in Kazan / Tatarstan . Approximately 100 were sold abroad. This long-range plane came in service in September 66. The IL62 is easy to handle and its navigation equipment allows to fly in pratically all meteorological conditions. The plane has been modified several times and in 1974 the IL62M model was introduced.

Performance Characteristics

                           speed              830 km/hr
                           Range                     10,500 km
                           Seats                      163-198


Turkmenistan Airlines

All former soviet republics fly with IL-76 cargo between Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and South East Asia. 900 IL-76 have been produced in Tashkent so far and sold to the whole world. It copes well with all kinds of taking off and landing conditions. To avoid the 20kg allowance baggage restrictions travellers and business men started to charter the IL-76. Equipped with some seats/seat rows, it has an immense baggage capacity.

Performance Characteristics

                                               6,500 km
                           Cargo                     40t
                           Cruise speed              750 km/hr


China Xinjiang Airlines

Uzbekistan Airways offers the wide-bodied plane IL 86 on international routes. The Ilyushin 86 is the first soviet wide-body passenger transport and the most capacious soviet passenger aircraft. Passengers board via any of three large powered staircases extended from the left side of the lower deck. There they leave their coats and baggage and then walk up three large fixed internal staircases to the upper deck where the seats are. 108 IL-86 have been built since 1976. As no version retrofitted with western engines is in sight this a/c will be a rare guest at western airports in the future which require Chapter III regulations.

Performance Characteristics

                                               6,400 km
                           Seats                 350 20/56/240 SU
                           Cruise speed              860 km/hr


Uzbekistan Airways

The IL-114 is an new generation aircraft for use in various climatic conditions at airports with asphalt or dirt runways. The cabin is fitted with newly designed seats, convenient hand baggage compartments and overhead panels providing dimmed lighting which creats a warm, comfortable atmosphere in the cabin. The Tashkent - made IL 114 will replace the old AN 24. In October 96 a cargo version with a capacity of 7 tons made its first flight. Price is about 12 mln USD. The enhanced IL 114-100 was introduced in 2000 and displayed in Singapur Air Show. Its range is 40% longer compared with the first model. The IL 114 was removed from Service in 2018.

Performance Characteristics

                           speed              460 hm/hr
                           Range                     1,250 km
                           Seats                 54 HY


Bashkirian Airlines

Designed for short-range routes, the Kharkov - made TU 134 is almost indifferent to weather conditions, and performs well in different climactic zones. The Tupolev 134 is only serving domestic routes. The landing gear was given four-wheel bogies matched to rough airstrips. The aircraft went in production in 1965 and it made its first commercial flight on September 9, 1967. A total of 720 Tu-134 were built. Aeroflot will replace its Tu-134 with B737-400 soon.

Performance Characteristics

                           speed              820 km/hr
                           Range                     3,650 km
                           Seats                 72-80 8/60 B2/SU 10/56 GI


Tatarstan Airlines

Designed for medium-distance routes, the Samara made TU 154 was particularly designed to operate from rough airports. To spread the load on poor surfaces each main landing gear has a six-wheel bogie. In 1977 Tupolev 154 production began with a french automatic flight control and navigation system able to land in bad visibility. Most of the 1.000 Tu-154 that have been built are still active. Aviakor built one Tupolev Tu-154M airliner for each of Tobol Avia, Dagestan Airlines and Slovakia Airlines in 1997, 4 more in 2000 and 2 more in 2001. TU-154 planes are prohibited from flying at temperatures higher than 39 decrees Celsius. The Tu-154M is more fuel-economic than the older versions. Those are replaced with the Tu-154M due to this and due to the fact that the Tu-154M is the only russian aircraft that is allowed to fly to Europe after April 01, 2002. Although the ban was known since 7 years, only a few airlines like Aeroflot or Transaero invested int o newer equipment. Aviakor no longer produces the Tu-154M. There are 8 unfinished aircrafts that may be sold for 8 mln USD. Aviakor is now ready to re-equipt Tu-154B and Tu-154M into all-cargo aircrafts. Pulkovo bought use Tu-154M from Chima for 3,5 mln USD each. New Tu-204 cost around 20 mln USD.

Performance Characteristics

                           speed              880 km/hr
                           Range                     5,600 km
                           Seats                 152-180 164 B2 8/144 GI 53/102 HY 12/18/120 SU


Uzbekistan Airways

This short-range aircraft made its first flight in 1966. Though a jet, the Yak 40 was required to operate from primitve airports without paved runways or any other facilities in the world's severest climates ranging from southern republics to the arctic conditions of northern Siberia. It is a very small airline plane to be jet-powered. The plane has three rear engines, and does the short-range routes for the airlines of the CIS . 1200 were produced, the last 1980 in Saratov.

Performance Characteristics

                           speed              510 km/hr
                           Range                     1,500 km
                           Seats                 27-36


Crimea Air

Though a jet, the Yak 42M was required to operate from primitive airports without paved runways or any other facilities in the world's severest climates ranging from southern republics to the arctic conditions of northern Siberia. The Yak-42M was designed to takeoff on any two engines and continue level flight on one. The prototypes had twin-wheel main landing gears but these were changed to four-wheel bogies in the production version to improve behaviour on soft surfaces. Updates were also being introduced to the avionics to improve navigation and the ability to land in bad weather. 170 have been sold since 1980.

Performance Characteristics

                           speed              740 km/hr
                           Range                     3,700 km
                           Seats                 92-120 75C/Y TL 96 Z6

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