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D-8 OFFICIALS DISCUSS MORE COOPERATION - Senior foreign ministry officials of the Developing 8 (D-8) nations met in Istanbul yesterday to discuss areas of cooperation, including the development of a joint project for the production of special crop-spraying agricultural aircraft, State Minister Ahat Andican said. The D-8 countries include Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt and Nigeria. Andican noted that more cooperation among the eight nations was necessary to speed up economic development. The meeting will end today. Milliyet - 24.04.98
D8 Developing Eight

Coca Cola celebrated its 110th birthday with steps towards Central Asia . The subsidiary of Anadolu Group Efes Invest finished the construction of the Coca Cola fabrics in Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan . May 07 a ceremony was held in Almaty which was followed one day later with the one in Bishkek . In the next months production in Rostov and Baku will start. Head of Coca Cola Europe , E. Neville Isdell, said that Coca Cola investment amounts in the last three years in the Caucasus and Central Asia is as high as 300 mln $. Hürriyet - May 08, 96

Representatives of the private health sector from Kazakstan , Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan went to Turkey to analyze the work of their turkish counterparts in Ankara and Istanbul . During the visit which was organized by USAID and Futures Group they also met with ministry officials. Their aim is to improve their serice by adopting the turkish private health system. Ekonomist - April 14, 96

Central Asian Resource News

Enterprise Fund



TIKA Ülke Raporlari


ADJARAN LEADER SEEKS TO RESTORE ECONOMIC TIES WITH TURKEY. During a recent visit to Turkey, Adjar government Chairman Levan Varshalomidze signed several agreements with Turkish government agencies, Caucasus Press reported on 22, 23, and 24 February. Under those agreements, Turkey will provide Adjara with electricity, and a Turkish company will resume construction of a tunnel linking the Adjaran towns of Kobuleti and Batumi. Also discussed were the modernization of the Sarp border crossing, beginning flights between Batumi and Istanbul, and cooperation in agriculture. In addition, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce undertook to publicize in its weekly newsletter information on investment opportunities in Adjara. RFE/RL Newsline 24.02.2005

Adygeya - Adygea : Maikop

Adygea has established 36 joint ventures with companies from Great Britain, the USA, France, Turkey and Syria. In a bid to attract foreign investors to the republic, the Russian government decided to create a free economic zone there. Currently, documents are being registered and officials are organizing several local zones with favorable taxation and customs laws. Passport to the new world - 96

Altay - Altai : Gorno-Altaisk

Altai Republic was named after Altai mountain chain which also extends to Mongolia and Uighuristan. Rivers in this mountains are fast flowing which means tremendous reserves of hydroelectric energy. If properly developed, it can supply large amount of electricity at low price and stimulate the development of agriculture and industry. by Tommy Srinivasan - 16.05.98

ALTAI PLANS FREE ECONOMIC ZONE. Russkii Telegraph, 22 April 98 First Deputy Chairman of the Altai Republic Yurii Antaradonov announced that the region is planning to a tariff free zone. The republic borders Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China. Last year's trade was a meager $8 million, but that figure is six times higher than two year earlier. Japan and South Korea also have some links to the region. Altai hopes to buy equipment to process medicinal grasses and dairy and meat products.

Azerbaijan - Azerbeycan - Aserbaidschan : Baku
Manat and Gepik 1 EURO = 4.285,95 AZM

Baku - Capital City of Azerbaijan

Business Information

International Bank of Azerbaijan

National Bank of Azerbaijan - Azerbeycan Milli Banki


TÜSIAB tusiab*artel.net.az

Baku, November 5, AssA-Irada The first in Azerbaijan restaurant of the world-famous McDonald`s firm has opened in the center of Baku, on the Fountains Square. In a news conference dedicated to the event, vice-president of McDonald`s for Central Europe Carl Fritz said Azerbaijan had become the 120th country in which the company has restaurants. The company operates a total of 25,759 restaurants throughout the world. Opening of the restaurant has become a result of partnership with ISR Ltd. McDonald`s executive director Magsud Mirzayev has said that $2 million had been spent on construction of the restaurant, which covers a total space of 450 square meters and can accommodate 190 customers at a time, and training of 154 personnel. All the expenses have been paid for by ISR Ltd. He said the new restaurant is earmarked for all parts of the population and prices will be set in accordance with local conditions. In the beginning, products for McDonald`s dishes will be purchased from foreign partners, but a network of local suppliers will be created in the future. President of ISR Ltd Iskandar Khalilov said next year another McDonald`s restaurant would be opened in Baku and their total number will reach 10, including other cities of Azerbaijan.

In 1998, foreign trade turnover of the Azerbaijan Republic constituted USD1,683,000,000, 6.8% over 1997. Import has increased 35.6%, while export reduced 22.4%. In 1998, Azerbaijan established trade relations with 103 countries (84 in 1997), of which 93 from distant abroad (74 in 1997) and 10 from CIS. Azerbaijan Foreign Trade rose to 543.3 mln USD until September 1998. While exports fell by 36.42 % to 378.6 mln USD, imports increased by 26.88 % to 921.9 mln USD as compared to the same period of 1997. DÜNYA - 05.11.98

Azerbaijan's economy grew by 9.2 percent in comparision with the same eight-month period last year, the Turan news agency reported Friday. Turan said the country's gross domestic product (GDP) surged to 9.6 trillion manats (2.5 billion dollars) while inflation was registered at 1.2 percent. Industrial output accounted for 25.4 percent of GDP, while agriculture contributed 16 percent, construction 18 percent, transport and communications 15.9 percent and services 6.4 percent, Turan said. AFP 18.09.98

Total credit debts of Azerbaijan come to 579 million US dollars. It is the lowest data against the volume of the Gross Domestic Product among the CIS countries, reported by the deputy Finance Minister Heydar Asadov. In Azerbaijan the rate of state desbt against GDP comes to 11,3%. 40% is considered critical. 17.07.98 TN Business

5 mln 750 USD have been earned in Azerbaijan by the privatization of small scale enterprises. According to the State Property Commitee, 6.500 enterprises have been sold in 1996 and another 4.000 in the first five months of 1997. The Committee earned 15 bln Azeri Manat in 1996 and 8 bln Manat in 1997. The total of 23 blm Manat is approximately 5.75 mln USD. A certain amount of shares of the privatized enterprises have been given to the employees. The privatization of small scale enterprises shall be finished this year. DÜNYA - Jun 26, 97

Foreign capital flow to Azerbaijan totalled $601 million in 1996. This indicates nearly a twofold increase in comparison with 1995 (275 mln $). Foreign capital concentrated on areas such as energy, communications, irrigation and machine producing industry. Turkeys share is 43 percent, while the US follows with 21 and UK with 19 percent. 143 Turkish companies operate in almost all the branches of the economy. Eurasian File - May 97/2 + September 97 + UNCTAD

South Korean Daewoo is going to start producing midibusses and trollies in Azerbaijan. Daewoo CEO Kim U Chung came to Baku to meet with President Haydar Aliev. Daewoo intends to modernize a fabric and produce 20.000 vehicles a year. Production will also be sold to other CIS countries. The investment amount totals 60 mln USD and will be financed by Daewoo itself. DÜNYA - Nov 30, 96

Turkish assurance Basak Sigorta bought 49 percent of the traditional azeri Inam company. The new company Basak Inam Assurance and Reassurance has a capital of 225.000 USD. Other share holders are Azer Türk Bank, Azeri Commerce Bank, Agroindustry Bank, International Bank, Turanbank, Elifbank and leading private enterpreneurs. The new assurance aims to become the leader by strengthening business and improving service in Azerbaijan . DÜNYA - Oct 18, 96

Bashkortostan - Baskirdistan (Bashkiria - Baschkirien) : Ufa


Legislation of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Ural-Siberian Bank, former Bashcreditbank


ATM in Ufa (AlfaBank)



BashTekhProm Pager

Catalyst Fabric

Chemical Plant

DHL in Ufa


Foreign Investment in Bashkortostan

KOSGEB Bashkortostan - Urallarin Incisi


Legislation of Bashkortostan

Inman Corporation Ishimbay

Ishimbay M Zavod - Fabric

Ishimbay Textile Fabric


Kodeks Salavat


Miras Art Gallery


Sterliatamak Bashinformsvyaz

Sterlitamak Kauchuk

Sterlitamak Kaustik

Sterlitamak Krasniy Proletariy

Sterlitamak Machine-Tool Enterprise

Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant

Sterlitamak Shihan

Sterlitamak Soda

Sterlitamak Stroymash

Schaller Lebensmitteltechnik in Ufa

Ufa Meat Kombinat

UNIDO Programme: Enhanced Industrial Performance and Competitiveness

Yellow Pages Bashkortostan

President Murtaza Rakhimov has reduced taxes by one third on all deliveries of raw materials to petrochemical processing plants in the republic. The Bashkortostan leadership is trying to ensure that the republics plants will have enough materials to meet local needs. Suppliers bringing oil to the republic can save up to 100,000 rubles ($17) per ton. The republican budget should be compensated for the money lost by increased output. The local plants had great surplus capacity, processing only 21 million tons in 1997, when they had up to 50 million tons capacity. Despite the excess capacity, LUKoil has had considerable difficulty working in the republic. Yeltsin had decreed that one of the local processing plants should have been privatized to the oil company, but the republican authorities simply ignored the president?s decree and kept the plant for themselves. (Kommersant-Daily, 17 December) IEWS RRR - January 08, 98

Bashkortostan wants Cooperation - The Ural Republic Bashkortostan wants to modernize its industry and has opened a representation for Germany. It will help bringing interested partners together and further strengthen relations with Germany. Address: Deutschland-Repräsentanz - Universitas - Roland Herbert - Finkenweg 5 - 93128 Regenstauf - Tel. +49-9402-8976 Fax +49-9402-7535 Both Bashkortostan and Germany have long lasting relations as a brothership exists between the cities of Ufa and Halle in Sachsen-Anhalt since a long time. - IHK Frankfurt 5/97 and 12/96

BASHKORTOSTAN SEEKS TO EXPAND TRADE WITH GERMANY. On 21 November, Rakhimov asked the Russian Foreign Ministry to approve the opening of a German consulate in the republic's capital Ufa. Rakhimov said that the republic's foreign trade turnover was more than $2.3 billion in 1995, up 65% from the previous year. Germany is Bashkortostan's main trade partner. There are 20 joint ventures with German involvement and offices for eight German firms registered in the republic. ITAR-TASS - Nov 27, 96

TURKEY AND BASHKIRIA HAVE SIGNED A TREATY OF TRADE AND ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION: A treaty has been signed between Turkey and Bashkiria to make progress on bilateral trade and economic co-operation. The treaty has been signed in Ufa by Ambassador Unan and Prime Minister Bakiyev. The signing of this document is a result of successful trade and economic co-operation between the two parties. The Turkish delegation was accepted by the Prime Minister of Bashkiria during their visit to Ufa. During the negotiation the subjects of developing bilateral trade, economic, cultural and civil co-operation were discussed. The parties have stated that the affairs between the two countries are developing successfully in various fields. In Bashkiria 17 JVs with Turkish partnership are registered. The Klima Company has completed the National Bank Office’s construction successfully. The construction of Prombank building will be completed in a very near future. Idil Company is making the restoration of market places which are architecture works of 19th century with its Bashkirian JV partner BNZS the same company again has completed the reconstruction of Sberbank Main building. The volume of trade between Turkey and Bashkiria was more than 32 million dollars in the previous year. Eurasian File - Aug/2 96

Chechnya - Çecçenistan - Tschetschenien : Djoharkala - Grozny

Chuvashiya - Çuvasya : Cheboksary - Shupashkar

Dagestan - Dagistan : Makhachkala

Gagauz Place - Gagauz-Yeri autonomous region - Gökoguz / Gagavuz Yeri : Komrat
Lei and Bani 1 EURO = 9.4608 MDL

Kirova wine plant in the Komrat region of the Gagoguz Place is to start producing sparkling wines in 1998. Italian production lines, purchased by an Italian credit of $ 1.9 mln and guaranteed by the governmet, has a yearly capacity of 10 mln bottles. Wine production in the Gagoguz Autonomous Region accounts for 29 percent of the total wine production in Moldova. Eurasia 2.98

Kabardino-Balkaria : Nalchik

A technical cooperation protocol has been signed between the Turkish Institute for Standards and the Kabardino-Balkarian Organisation for Standards in Nalçik. The protocol stipulates the development of various cooperation programmes between the two organisations and the mutual recognition of certificates and documents of quality control on various goods, material and systems. According to the protocol, both parties will attach special importance to cooperation in standardisation, quality, metrology, calibration, certification, accreditation and information. Personnel fron Kabardi-Balkaria will be trained in Turkey on the certification of services. Eurasian File - Jun/2 96

Kazakstan - Kazakistan - Kasachstan - Kazakhstan : Astana
Tenge and Tiyin 1 EURO = 94.4536 KZT

Agency for Standardization, Metrology and Certification

Eximbank Kazakstan

Informations- und Analysezentrum Kasachstan

Kazakstan Business Information

Kazakstan Economic Trends

Kazakstan Legal Information Institute

Kazakstan Stock Exchange

Ministry of Finance

U.S.-Kazakstan Council

KATIAD - Dostyk Str. 105, Almaty, +7-3272-64 12 12, fax 64 64 63

RAMSTORE IN KAZAKHSTAN - Koc Corporation will open a Ramstore supermarket on 9 May in Almati, Kazakhstan. It wil be the first and the biggest shopping and cultural centre in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Koc family will attend the opening ceremony of the Ramstore which has 50 shops, fast-food restaurants and cinema halls in it. Aksam 23.4.99

Kazakstan GDP rose in 1997 by 2 percent. Per capita income rose by 5 percent to 1420 US. Industrial production rose by 4 percent, another 4 percent is expected in 1998. Export amounted to 5.781 bln USD, import to 3.87 bln USD, trade surplus to 1.944 bln USD. Inflation in 1997 was 11.2%. The value of one USD changed from January 97 to January 98 from 73.3 Tenge to 75.5 Tenge. In 1997 foreign investment in Kazakstan totalled 1.7 bln USD. DUNYA - 19.01.1998

Until March 1997 16,781 Kazak State Enterprises have been privatized. 11502 are small-scale privatisations, 2653 in agricultural sector. April 1997

Kazakstan to lower import tariffs - According to the Customs Comittee announcement the tariff on goods imported by the so-called baggage tourists will be lowered from 30 to 15 percent. Furtheron the VAT and customs tariff on imported cars will be abolished. Kazakstan lost a lot of tariff revenue due to lower taxes on cars in Kyrgyzstan. DÜNYA - 11.01.1997

Okan Holding started TV spots to promote Sultan Makarna products, a subsidiary in Kazakstan. Promotion will be continued for 3 months. The fabric is located in Petropavlovsk, is one of the modernest in Central Asia and has a capacity of 2 tons of noodles, 1 ton of Mehl and 1 ton irmik. DÜNYA - 23.08.1996

KAZAK-TURK ISADAMLARI DERNEGI - Abilayhan Cad. Na: 60, Daire: 5, 480004 Almati - Tel: 0073272/337922 Faks: 0073272/322684

Kyrgyzstan - Kirgizistan - Kirgistan : Bishkek
Som and Tiyin 1 EURO = 21.12 KGS

Finance Ministry

KSE Kyrgyz Stock Exchange

Pangaea Partners in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan Development Gateway

IMKB BECOMES A PARTNER WITH KYRGYZ STOCK EXCHANGE=20 Within the framework of its initiatives on the international level to = support and improve the Central Asian countries' capital markets and = stock exchanges, the Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB) became a partner = (27.4%) with the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange. During the meeting that was held = in Bishkek on 25 May, 17 partners, including the IMKB, decided that the = Kyrgyz Stock Exchange would continue its activities as a joint stock = company from now on. International Market Director, Ugur Polat, was = appointed to the Executive Board of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange as the = representative of the IMKB. Milliyet 30.05.2000

Economic Trends in 1997. Unemployment fell to 55.300, 3.2 percent, in September from 78.600, 4.5 percent, in August. Consumer prices increased by 25.4 percent in 1997, after 31.4 in 1996. Trade deficit narrowed to 53,5 mln $ from 228,3 mln $ in 1996. GDP rose by 10.4 percent. Industrial output rose by 46.8 percent, mostly thanks to development in the gold sector. Eurasian File - 11.97 & 3.98

Kyrgyzstan joined the WTO as the first fSU country bringing the number of members to 133. Baltic countries are to follow soon. DÜNYA 22.12.98

Kyrgyz - Turkish Businessmen Association was founded in Bishkek. The association aims to unite the 350 turkish businessmen. At present it has 10 kyrgyz and 50 turkish members. Eurasian File - 08.96

KYRGYZSTAN, MALAYSIA SIGN GOLD DEAL. Kyrgyzstan and Malaysia signed an agreement on joint exploration of the Taldybulak gold mines in the in the Issyk kul region in northern Kyrgyzstan, ITAR-TASS reported on 16 July. The deal between the head of a Malaysian mining corporation and Kyrgyz mining officials was concluded on the heels of a three-day visit to Bishkek by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed. In the joint venture Taldybulak Mining Corporation, Kyrgyzstan will have a 52% share of profits and Malaysia 48%. Malaysia is to provide technical assistance for the project and has promised to spend $80 million by the end of the year on gold exploration. Gold reserves in the region are estimated at 76 metric tons. OMRI Digest - 17.07.1996

The climate in Kyrgyzstan is very similar to that of Champagne, France. When the Soviet Union was still in existence Kyrgyz wines were very famous: they were exported in large quanitities and would make a good present to a Moscow official. Now there has been a big decline in production of wine because of a short supply of good quality grape. Vecherniy Bishkek - 4.3.1996

Sakha - Yakutia : Yakutsk

Yakutia Info

SAKHA LAUNCHES FIRST OIL REFINERY. On 16 September, Sakha launched its first oil refinery. The plant has the capacity to refine 100,000 tons of oil a year and has no equal in the rest of north-east Russia. Construction began six years ago. Because of a lack of funding, the work proceeded with fits and starts for three years and then the site stood idle for a year. After an extensive search, an investor was found, the Nizhnii Novgorod oil company Sibur NN. Since June 1998, it has invested 32 million rubles, allowing the completion of the first stage of construction. The launch of the refinery has strategic importance. With oil reserves of 295 million tons, in two to three years Sakha may be able to avoid the expensive process of importing fuel from other regions. This year alone, the republican government spent 2.3 billion rubles on oil products for state needs. Overall, the public and private sectors in the republic spend 5.5 billion rubles to import fuel annually. Already consumers in Western Sakha are receiving cheap fuel. By the end of the year, the factory should begin producing bitumen and in 2001 the plant will add the capacity to process another 300,000 tons of oil a year. RRR 29.09.99

There are only 360,000 Sakhas in the Republic of Sakha. Goal will be accomplished in 100-150 years. After all Republic of Sakha is the richest area in Russia and is well endowed with natural resources like timber, gold, diamond and fossil fuels. Recently Sakha government made an agreement with federal government in Moscow that it can keep large percentage of revenues obtained form the sale of gold and diamonds. Blessed with natural resources, Republic of Sakha can support large population. In addition to gold and diamonds, Republic of Sakha has large but untapped reserves of fossil fuels and hydroelectric energy. Despite Artic climate, Sakha people still continue to raise cattles. In the future, Yakutia will be a major producer and exporter of beef and dairy products derived from cattles developed for Artic conditions. Another sector which may be promising is sheep raising and large-scale wool production. Recently Sakha Republic is developing its own diamond cutting industry and in the future it will rival Israel and Belgium. I am hoping that Sakha people will be like the Turks with strong entreprenurial spirits. This spirit will them to develop a strong manufacturing sector. by Tommy Srinivasan - 25.04.98/08.05.98

The Sakha republic opened in 1992 permanent representation offices in Japan, Korea and Ukraine.

Tatarstan - Tataristan : Kazan

Foreign Representations of Tatarstan

Representation in Istanbul. Mr. Marat Mourtazin phone 90+212-287-6263 (fax 90+212=287-62 64)

Moscow, April 19(Bloomberg) General Motors Corp., the world's largest automaker, plans to assemble the Opel Zafira minivan at its AO Yelaz-General Motors joint venture in the Russian republic of Tatarstan, news agency Prime-Tass reported. The company will assemble Opel Zafiras from parts shipped from a GM subsidiary in Thailand. GM said it also plans to start assembling Opel Vectras at the same joint venture, the agency said.

PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT DELEGATION VISITS TATARSTAN. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrived in Kazan on 22 April at the head of a 60- person delegation, RFE/RL's Kazan bureau reported. The following day, Sharif met with Tatarstan's Prime Minister Rustam Minnikhanov to discuss the prospects for trade and economic cooperation, in particular the purchase by Pakistan of KamAZ trucks or their assembly in Pakistan. The two sides agreed on the creation of a bilateral working commission. The Pakistani delegation also visited the Kazan helicopter plant and optical works. RFE/RL 26.04.99

TATARSTAN, ALGERIA TO COOPERATE IN OIL, SHIPBUILDING. Visiting Kazan on 23-24 March, Algerian Ambassador to Moscow Ammar Makhlufi met with Tatarstan's Minister of Trade and Economic Cooperation, Khafiz Salikhov, and with President Mintimer Shaimiev to discuss cooperation prospects and investment in Tatarstan's economy, RFE/RL's Kazan bureau reported. The Algerian delegation expressed interest in Tatarstan's petrochemical companies, specifically in the possibility of Tatar companies participating in oil extraction in Algeria. Makhlufi also told Shaimiev his country is interested in partnership ventures with Tatarstan's aircraft industry and in purchasing warships and civilian vessels built in Tatarstan. 25.03.99 RFE/RL

Nizhnekamsk Refinery in Tatarstan, an autonomous republic in central Russia, began building facilities to process oil with a high sulfur content, Russian daily Vremya reported. Construction of the first processing line, capable of refining 5 million tons (36.5 million barrels) of oil per year, will cost $1.1 billion. So far the company has managed to raise only $415 million and is looking for an investor to provide the rest of the sum, the paper said.
Tatneft, Russia's fourth-biggest oil producer and the biggest company in Tatarstan, doesn't have enough refining facilities and currently relies on refineries owned by AO Bashneft in Bashkortostan and AO Central Fuel Co. in Moscow. Dec. 21 AP

YELAZ TO PRODUCE OPEL. YelAZ will start production of the Opel Vectra automobiles in 1999. The jointventure intends to produce 80-100 thousand Opel and 50 thousand GM Blazers annually. It is planned to start assembling Opel Vectra and bring then production of accessories in Tatarstan up to 70 percent. RFE/RL Tatar Service 22.06.98

Turkmenistan - Türkmenistan : Ashgabat
Manat and Gepik 1 EURO = 6112 TMM

Guide to Turkmenistan

Turkmen Embassy in Washington

TURKISH GAMA COMPANY STARTS UPGRADE OF LARGEST OIL-REFINERY IN TURKMENISTAN The Turkish Gama company started building of a foundation for the catalytic reforming unit on the largest oil-refinery in Turkmenistan in Turkmenbashi city (former Krasnovodsk.) Gama has concluded $140 million worth contract with the Government of the Republic for construction of this object jointly with its sub-contractors - Japanese Chioda and Nichimen companies. The new unit with the capacity of 750,000 tons a year will enable to increase high-octane gasoline production by several times. The Government of the Republic has earlier concluded several more contracts for reconstruction of the oil-refinery in Turkmenbashi. Particularly, the catalytic cracking unit with the capacity of 1.8 mln tons of oil products a year will be built by the French-Iranian consortium of companies Technip and NIOC. The project is estimated at $196 mln. German Mannesman company will built the unit for production of lubricating oils and paraffins with the capacity of 80,000 tons a year ($165 million). Japanese ITOCHU, Nishio-Iwai and JGC will organize production of 90,000 tons of polypropylene a year according to about $200 million worth contract. The projects under control of Israel Merhav company are estimated at more than $1 billion. All contracts are concluded on condition of 100% funding by the contractor at the expense of long-term credits, repayment of which will start 6 months after putting of the upgraded oil-refinery into operations. After upgrade, which will complete in 1999, capacity of the oil-refinery will reach 6 mln tons of oil. Turan 10/26/98

1850 enterprises have been privatized since 1992 when privatization began. Out of them 1289 were operating in the service sector, 503 in the trade sector and 48 in the transportation sector. Eurasian File - 12.97

FRENCH COMPANY TO BUILD TURKMEN CONVENTION CENTER. The French construction company Bouygues has been awarded the contract to build a convention center in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat, according to a 4 November AFP report. This latest contract is worth about $98 million but Bouygues is already building the presidential palace at a cost of about $80 million and a national park complex for an undisclosed figure. OMRI Digest - Nov 06, 96

Tuva : Kyzyl

Uzbekistan Özbekistan Ozbekistan : Tashkent
Sum and Tiyin 1 EURO = 613.053 UZS

Eastlink Info Service

Uzbek Stock Exchange


UZBEK, TURKISH PRESIDENTS ATTEND OPENING OF SAMARKAND CAR PLANT... Islam Karimov and Suleyman Demirel attended the opening ceremonies of the joint-venture automotive plant Samkochavto in Samarkand on 16 March, Interfax reported. The plant will produce 5,000 vehicles annually. Turkey's Koc Holding company built the $65 million plant and is co-owner. It is the second automotive assembly plant to open in Uzbekistan. The UzDaewooAvto plant in Andijan began operating in 1996 and has an annual capacity of 200,000 vehicles.

Since 1992 2.000 business men from Turkey visited Uzbekistan to check business opportunities. Enterpreneur activity reaches an amount of $1.3 bln. New projects of $800 mln are still pending. There are 280 Uzbek-Turkish J/V's, 30 representations and 40 all Turkish companies in Uzbekistan. ZAMAN Mar 04, 97

Coca-Cola opened its third plant in Uzbekistan on February 21. At the opening of the $10 million plant in Namangan, a company representative announced plans to build yet another, this time near Tashkent, at an estimated cost of $55 million. RFE/RL - Feb 22, 97

New Textile Factory in Karshi - A new textile factory has been put into operation in Karshi. At its maximum annual output, this joint venture established with the Turkish Yazex company, will manufacture 70-million-dollars worth of product. 2,000 people will be given jobs at the joint venture, which initially has begun its operation with the manufacture of men's shirts. The JV's equipment was imported from Turkey, Switzerland and Italy. Dec 11, 96

Arçelik in Uzbekistan : According to an agreement between Koç Holding and Uzbekistan enterprises, Arçelik is to start joint investments in Uzbekistan . General Manager Mehmet Ali Berkman said that investments were to start in 1997 and that a joint venture is to be established with Sino, Kinap, Vostok and Namanganmash companies. The agreement aims to produce refrigerators, electric sweepers, air conditioners, domestic appliances and refrigerators and to export them to turkish republics. Eurasian File Oct 96

Uzbekistan starts to export cars. Three months ago car production started. Yearly production of 200 thousand cars are planned in Asaka Automobile Plant, a j/v with South Korean Daewoo. The automotive plant, the first of its kind in Central Asia, will produce minivans and two models of cars and will be at full capacity in 2002. Karimov said that the goal is to have 70% of the parts manufactured in Uzbekistan. First contract was signed with Russia about the export of Tico and Neksiya types. There is a current demand of about 500 cars to Belarus, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. DÜNYA - Oct 14, 96

OZBEKISTAN VE TURKIYE ISADAMLARI DERNEGI - Furkat Str. 1, 700027 Taskent - Tel:(998-71) 139 41 97 Faks: 139 45 14 - email

Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region : Urumqi

Urumqi science & technology industrial park

Xinjiang to build border market June 15, 1999 CD Urumqi _ The Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in Northwest China will build a border market at the Dulata Port in the western part of the region. The port is about 265 kilometres from Alma-Ata, capital of neighbouring Kazakhstan. The local government is making an effort to construct infrastructure facilities for the port, including roads, water and electricity. With an investment of 30 million yuan (US$3.6 million) from Guangdong-based businesses and local investors, the market will cover 13,650 square metres and is due to open by the end of next year for border trade. TEB 16.6.99

Urumqi - Chinese geologists have discovered nitrate ore deposits in more than 10 places in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region after three years' prospecting. Preliminary estimates show that the reserves total about 2.31 million tons worth about 7 billion yuan ($US845 million). Nitrate deposits are very rare. Only seven countries have reported discoveries. China ranks second in the world and most of its such reserves are scattered in Xinjiang. AsiaPulse 12.04.1999

Independent Uighuristan will be economically viable because it is well endowed with natural resources like rich agricultural lands, large pasture area and fossil fuels. by Tommy Srinivasan - 08.05.98

Shixi Oilfield, China's largest desert oilfield in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, has gone into full operation and is expected to produce more than a million tons of oil by the end of the year. The 123 sq. km. oilfield is located in the Gurbantunggut Desert, in the heart of the Junggar Basin. It has proven oil reserves of 120 million tons and proven gas reserves of 30 billion cu.m. The oilfield has a designed production capacity of 1.1 million tons.

Urumqi - Northwest China's Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is building one of the world's largest wind-power fields in Dabancheng, near the provincial capital Urumqi. The project will have an installed generating capacity of 63,600 kw and its potential wind power is estimated at 25 billion kw-hours, suitable for installing power generating units with a combined capacity of 2.5 million kw. Xinjiang has pioneered research into wind energy since the country's first wind-power station was built in Dabancheng in 1986, with installed generating capacity amounting to 100,000 kw, making up one- third of China's total. PRNewswire, 23.04.1999

Northwestern Xinjiang region is China's largest cotton producer, followed by eastern Shandong province.

Banks - bankalar - Banken

BSEC BANK OPENING SOON. First Assistant of the Secretary-General of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation ( BSEC ) Ambassador Nurver Nures said that the BSEC Commerce and Development Bank would become operational shortly. Milliyet - July 10, 97









    Ziraat Bank




    UGBI United Garanti Bank International



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