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Bashkortostan - Baskirdistan - Bashkiria : Ufa - President Murtaza Rahimov Bashkortostan
Last municipal and parliamentary elections : 16.03.2003 - turnout 60% - registered voters: 2.85 mln, before: 14.03.1999
Out of 120 seats Unified Russia 89, 3 Communists, 2 Agrarian, 2 SPS, 1 each Labor RB, People's Party, Yabloko
Upper house has 30 members, lower house 144 members
Next presidential elections; 07.12.2003, last presidential elections : 14.06.1998 - current president since 1993
Prime Minister Rafael Baydavletov
Kurultay Speaker Konstantin Tolkachev
Ishimbay Head of Administration Muratov, former Vladimir Petrovich Davidov
Salavat Head of Administration Agzat Galiev
Ufa Head of Administration Pavel Kachkaev - former head Reuf Nogumanov (2000-2003) and Fidus Jamaltdinov

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Ethnography of the South-East Bashkir

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Pommersche Gräber im Süd-Ural

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Observation of the Russian Parliamentary Elections in Ufa 1999

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Ishimbay City gorod Rayon
57.000 inhabitants - 53.45 N 56.05E

At the central street if Ishimbay one can find a Tupolev 104 airliner [CCCP-42376] presented to the city. It now operates as a cafe.
Salavat Sterlitamak private site private site
Elena Safarova - Biathlet from Ishimbay

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FORMER SENATOR CHARGED WITH COMMISSIONING CONTRACT KILLING. The Russian Prosecutor-General's Office on April 27 formally charged Igor Izmestyev with ordering the contract killing of Mikhail Orlov, the head of a finance company that owed Izmestyev's own company a large sum of money, the daily "Kommersant" reported on April 28. The assassination bid last August failed, however. Izmestyev, who used to represent Bashkortostan on the Federation Council, was taken into custody by FSB officers while on a private visit to Kyrgyzstan and brought back to Moscow, where he is being held in Lefortovo prison (see "RFE/RL Newsline," January 18, 2007). RFE/RL Newline, April 30, 2007

German Diplomats On Cultural Mission To Ufa. A delegation from the German Embassy in Moscow, led by cultural attache Wolfgang Messinger, arrived in Ufa on 8 April. While the main purpose of the trip is to open a German reading room at the Bashkortostan National Library today, the delegation has already met with the local Protestant community and plans to meet with Bashkortostan Deputy Prime Minister Khalyaf Ishmuratov following the ceremony. 09.04.2002

Three Of Four 'Kursk' Crew Members From BR Buried At Home
The body of Salavat Yanasapov, a "Kursk" crew member from Ishimbay, Bashkortostan has been returned home and buried, AROMI news agency reported on 5 November. A Local school reportedly opened a small museum dedicated to the sailor's memory. Earlier this year, the bodies of Bashkortostan crew members Robert Gessler and Fanis Ishmuratov were recovered, while the body of Nail Khafizov is still missing. RFE/RL Tatar-Bashkir Service, 06.11.2001

German Arngold, the honorable chairman of Bashkortotan's Union of Germans, said that a full and true rehabilitation of Russian Germans still "remains on paper," Bashinform reported on 18 October. He said that half of all Russia's Germans and one-third of those Germans residing in Bashkortostan have emigrated in the past decade. But the agency noted that the republic has taken measures to help them preserve their ethnic identity. Some 1,000 German students now attend secondary school in Bashkortostan. The republic has 12 German classes and two German Sunday schools, as well as 11 cultural centers and nine libraries. RFE/RL Tatar-Bashkir Report 21.10.01

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