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Sakha - Yakutia - Yakutiya : Yakutsk (Russia) - President Yegor Borisov Sakha-Yakutia
next presidential elections: 23.12.2001 - former President Mikhail Nikolaev
Speaker Vasilii Filippov - former speaker Nikolai Solomonov
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  • EastWest Institute Russian Regional Investor Vol. 2, No. 11, 22 March 2000 FIRST YAKUTSK DIAMOND TRADE A SENSATION. The result of the first diamond trade in the newly-established Yakutsk branch of the Russian Diamond Chamber was a wild success. A take of $8 million at the branch which just opened in February beat the record from all previous sales. Branch Director Mikhail Nikolaev said that the previous five trade sessions generated sales of half a million dollars, and therefore the results of the Yakutsk branch's debut "can be considered sensational." Thirteen firms participated in the auction, including companies from Belgium, Japan, Israel, and the US. Over $11.2 million worth of diamonds were placed on sale. The next trade session will take place in Moscow on 17-24 April. Before the end of this year the Russian Diamond Chamber will have four regional branches. In addition to the offices in Kaliningrad and Yakutsk, a branch will open in Yekaterinburg in the middle of May and in St. Petersburg in the summer. The Diamond Chamber may become the 26th member of the World Federation of Diamond Exchanges, an issue currently being discussed by the Federation's legal committee. Joining the Federation would allow the Diamond Chamber's branches to broaden their activities significantly. - Oleg Yemelyanov in Yakutsk
  • EastWest Institute Russian Regional Report Vol. 5, No. 6, 16 February 2000 SAKHA TAKES EARLY STEPS IN BATTLE AGAINST AIDS. "Today there are 27,000 HIV positive individuals in Russia and the disease is quickly spreading," according to Arkadiush Maishik, a representative of the UN's program on HIV-AIDS. He and Moscow Project Coordinator Tatyana Shumilina recently visited Yakutsk to further the work of their program. AIDS first appeared in Sakha in 1996, when it was found in a Turkish worker in the region. The UN representatives came at the invitation of the republican government and parliament. "Today Sakha has 97 HIV positive individuals, so it is too soon to speak about an epidemic. But the fact that the leadership of the republic is concerned about this problem gives some hope. Unfortunately, we know of other examples, where local officials reject our help even though the situation there is even worse," Maishik said. The city of Moscow is such a case. The personal interest and support of the head of a region is one of the key operating principles for the UN program. Only in this case will a region be included in the pilot program "Taking action to prevent an HIV-AIDS epidemic in Russia." This program was launched in 1998. Participating in the program could make the region eligible for support from international sponsors. However, they must meet several conditions. First, the UN team must analyze the situation in each region to determine what causes the spread of HIV. Second, the UN must determine what has already been done, and what the region is planning to do in the course of the next three years. Once the UN team has gathered this data, it will set up a federal program for 17 Russian regions, which the UN will present to various sponsors. So far the UN team has studied the situation in 10 regions which have agreed to participate in the program. In general, there are two main problems in Russia. First, there is very little monitoring for HIV and therefore the numbers describing how many are infected are only approximations. Second, many people think that AIDS is simply a medical problem, without realizing that it affects all of society. While visiting Sakha, the UN team sought to gather as much hard data as possible. They visited medical, customs, and drug rehabilitation centers to glean more information about the number of infections detected among the populations most at risk. The team expressed the hope that Russia would not become another Namibia where 20-25 teachers die of AIDS every day. - Oleg Yemelyanov in Yakutsk
  • SIBERIAN REPUBLIC ADOPTS ENGLISH AS ONE OF ITS 'WORKING LANGUAGES.' President Mikhail Nikolaev of the Republic of Sakha (formerly known as Yakutia) has signed a decree that makes English a mandatory language for instruction in schools as well as one of the "working languages" at official functions, ITAR-TASS reported on 6 January. According to the decree, the measure is necessary because of "the intensification of inter-state communication, the broad adoption of advanced information technologies, and Sakha's desire for integration into the world economic community, as well as for the creation of a cadre of workers who meet international standards." Ministers and department heads have been instructed to provide English lessons for their staffs. Sakha is perhaps best known for its extensive diamond production. RFE/RL Newsline
  • SAKHA SEEKS TATARSTAN'S HELP. A government delegation from the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia met in Kazan on 5 August with Tatar Prime Minister Rustam Minnikhanov to secure financial and technical help in overcoming the aftermath of recent flooding, RFE/RL's Kazan bureau reported. The damage from the floods, which affected 22 of Sakha's 35 regions, is estimated at about 1 billion rubles ($158 million) or 20 percent of the republic's annual budget. The Sakha delegation expressed particular interest in Tatar-produced diesel generators and special vehicles. Minnikhanov promised that Tatarstan will give what help it can afford. The delegation also met with Tatar State Council Deputy Chairwoman Zilya Valeeva to compare the two regions' legislation. RFE/RL 06.08.98
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