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Crimea Education

According to Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, in 2003-2004 there are 14 establishments of general education with the Crimean Tatar language of instruction (4170 students study in 207 classes) in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea. In 62 establishments of general educational with Russian language of instruction there are 150 classes with the Crimean Tatar language of instruction. The general number of children instructed in the Crimean Tatar language in 2003-2004 educational year constitutes 13,4 % (5988 pupils) of the total number of students of the Crimean Tatar nationality (in the previous year - 12,6 %).

From September 1, 1998 all 4 schools of Bakhchisaray will have a status of schools with teaching on two languages: Russian and Crimean Tatar

Even now there are only eight Crimean Tatar schools in the Crimea and none in Uzbekistan where half of the Crimean Tatars remain. Until 1997 there was no Tatar school in Crimea. Tatar was only taught in two russian schools.
Akmescit-Bulganak (Kalcugino) Bahcasaray-Almat-Arkan (Vilino) Bahcasaray-Teberti (Turgenevka) Büyük-Onlar Cankoy-Kalay (Azovskoye): Mudur Nariman Resitov Eski Kirim Gezlev-Ismailbey Karasubazar
There are about 200 pupils a school, so ~ 1600 pupils in total. About 200 teachers are employed here. There are 50.000 pupils (15.000 primary and 35.000 secondary in 350 schools). Around 40.000 are not taught in Crimean Tatar schools. The minumum to open a Tatar class is 8 pupil. Total Crimean pupils: 32.000 in 313 schools.
As of September 01, 1998 the Eski Kirim school has 520 students, 18 classes and 35 teachers. Ayshe Shabanova is the director.
In 1914 there were more than 350 usul-u cedid schools

There are two turkish schools in Crimea : Bahcesaray Lycee with 154 pupils in Tankovoe and Akmescit Turcology

Crimea Tatar Literature and Language Department of Simferopol State University with 600 students

200 Crimean Tatars studies in Turkey.

Script: -1926 arabic, 1926-1938 latin, 1938- cyrillic, 1991 adopted by the Milli Meclis, 9.4.1997 by the Crimean Parliament - to be introduced until 2002
Literacy rate was 33,6% in 1926.

The Crimean parliament has approved the gradual introduction by the year 2002 of the Latin alphabet for the Crimean-Tatar language instead of the Cyrillic script now used. Ukrainian, Russian, and Crimean Tatar are all recognized as state languages in Crimea, but the lack of schools and teaching materials in the Crimean Tatar language has given rise to complaints of discrimination from the Tatar community. Crimea's move may give a fresh boost to the campaign in Tatarstan for Tatar to abandon Cyrillic for the Latin alphabet. ITAR TASS - 11 April 1997

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Sevastopol Refuses To Help Finance First Ukrainian-Language School

KYIV (November 21, 2008) -- The Sevastopol City Council has voted against partially financing the construction of the first Ukrainian-language school in this Black Sea port, RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service reports.

Of the more than 80 schools in Sevastopol -- which houses both the Ukrainian and the Russian Black Sea fleets -- only three schools are bilingual, where some classes are taught in Ukrainian but the majority in Russian.

There is no school in the city in which classes are only in Ukrainian.

The Ukrainian government supports the establishment of the Ukrainian-language school and has authorized 5 million hryvni (about $1 million) for its construction.

By law, the local government must contribute 20 percent of the costs, or 500,000 hryvni.

The Sevastopol City Council will vote on the issue again in December.

Simferopol State University

Crimean Tatar Library We are the Republican Crimean Tatar library named after I. Gasprinsky. Our library exists for 10 years and all these years we work actively for revival of the Crimean Tatar culture. Today the library book funds contain more than 15 000 volumes, including more than 4 000 books in Crimean Tatar language and more than 1 500 rare books and especially precious editions. The Republican Crimean Tatar library is: · state repository for keeping creations of printing, manuscripts and documents in Crimean Tatar language, literature on Crimean Tatars in other languages; · center for dissemination of knowledge about Crimean Tatars, other Turkic people and Muslim culture; · organizational and methods center for the libraries of Crimea in the work with Crimean Tatar readers and popularization of publications in native languages; · convenes seminars, trainings, round tables with the participation of librarians from Crimea and other regions. We offer our cooperation to all people and organisations who’s interested in it.

Postal Address: Director Ayder Emirov, Republican Crimean Tatar library, Samokisha Street, 8, Simferopol, Crimea, 95011, Ukraine

Ismail Gaspirali Library - June 6, 1998 the presentation of more than 900 books in Crimean Tatar language, which were published in Crimea before World War II, was held in Gasprinsky Republican National Crimean Tatar library. These book were gifted by State Public library of Russia. The State Academic library of Russia is intended to the pre-war funds in Crimean Tatar to Crimea. The library uses the IRBIS-ISIS system.

RENOVATION OF THE CRIMEAN TATAR LIBRARY Located on 8 Samokisha Street, the Library occupies the building of the former Mektebe-rushdie, an Islamic school from the 19th century. The reconstruction is a part of the project Revival of the Crimean Tatar Library, which is financed by several international organizations. The project was first initiated in 1994 by Mehmet Tutuncu, Director of the Turkistan-Azerbaijan Research Center in Haarlem (the Netherlands). Sponsors of the project are: The Netherlands government, providing $US 240,000, and the International Renaissance Foundation, donating $US 145,000. So far, $220,000 has been spent on the project, which also includes library automation, funding for books, publication of six books on Crimean Tatar culture, and training for the library staff. Restoration work began in September 1998 and is expected to be finished on May 7. At present, the Library inventory has more than 12,000 volumes, including 3,000 books in the Crimean Tatar language and 1,300 rare books. Gulnara Chilingirova, Golos Kryma (The Voice of Crimea) No 17 (284), 23 April 1999, p. 1.

The following libraries have assisted the Gaspirinski library with very rare collections of the Crimean Tatar books, periodicals, and arkhival documents: 1. The Russian State Library in Moscow donated about 1600 Crimean books published between 1900 and 1941. 2. The personal books, archives, and collections by the writer E. Shemi- zade in Moscow. 3. Alisher Navoy Library of Uzbekistan donated about 300 Crimean Tatar books published between 1960 and 1990. 4. The entire library and archives of the famous Crimean Tatar scholar BasirGafarov was transfered to the Gaspirinski Library. One of the most valuable collection of this library is the photographs of the 61 volumes of the Tahrir defters of the Crimean Khanate between 1613 and 1780. [A small note: Prof. Halil Inalcik has funded the purchase of these valuable collection from the Crimean State Library to the Gaspirinski Library and he himself brought the xerox copies of them to Ankara. During my visit to the Yalta State Museum of Art & Literature, the librarians showed me about 100 uncatalogued manuscripts and lithographed books in two large wooden boxes of which I had a very limited time to check only 25 of them. Most of the manuscripts were in Arabic, three of them in Persian, and four of them in Turkey Turkish. But, among them was a very valuable document: The Tahrir Defteri of the Chatir Kasabasi (Rayon), probably of the Yalta region. The librarians of Gaspirili Library or the scholars at the Akmescit National University were not aware of this valuable manuscript and I believe Prof. Halil Inalcik have not seen it either. So, first time for the entire scholarly community, I announce the existing of one document at the Yalta Museum which is the Tahrir Defteri of Chatir Kasabasi, dated Hegira 1166. I hope the Crimean Tatar and other scholars will soon work in Yalta Museum to study the other 75 manuscripts and books which I had no time to check. These 100 or so manuscripts were transfered from the old Yalta State Library one of the directors of which was the late Yakub Kemal from Turkey (between 1926 and 1934)]. Our sincere thanks should also go to the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands , the Renaissance Foundation, the Soros Foundation, the libraries of Moscow, Petersburg, Alisher Navoi in Tashkent, and many Crimean Tatar writers, intellectuals in Crimea and abroad (Turkey, Western Europe, USA, etc.), The Turkish Embassy in Ukraine, the governments of Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Ukraine), and others whom I have forgotten to mention here. Timur Kocaoglu, Koc University, Istanbul

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