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International Response to the invasion of Ukraine

All decendants of the deported people must be supported to return to Crimea, get land to live, education, jobs and citizenship.
The indigenious population of Crimea must be free to work, move, travel to and from Crimea, no matter which citizenship they hold.
Most inhabitants of Crimea, especially those whose families migrated after 1944, are unaware of the history of Crimea. Their knowledge is based on false Soviet propaganda. School books must be corrected.
To protect the rights of all ethnic groups in Crimea elections must be proportional.
At all government level minorities must be represented.
UN, OSCE, EU, US and Ukraine should continue to condemn the discrimination of Crimean Tatars in their homeland since the invasion.
Crimean Tatar must be tought in kinder gardens, schools and universities. Newspapers, radios and TV supported by the state.
Crimean Tatars should have national autonomy.
May 9 should be celebrated as Europe Day.
May 18 must be remembered Crimea wide by the government and society.
European countries should pool their gas demand and negotiate terms together. Gas supplies must be shared with in Europa. Hungary, Slovakia and RWE deserve support for their contribution.
No cooperation with people supporting unlawful actions in Ukraine. A bright example is finnish opera singer Karita Mattila. 
The occupation of Abchasia, Crimea, Karabakh, Osetia and Transnistria must end.
No trade with occupied Crimea.
No travel to occupied Crimea.
Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine should leave CIS.
Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine should not participate in CIS 'Election' Observer Missions.
The Moldovan and Ukrainian churches should be independant.

<DIV><p>Demands, IC Crimea 08/2001

a.. Recognize Crimean Tatars as the indigenous people of Crimea

b.. Recognize the Crimean Tatar National Mejlis as the de jure
representative of the Crimean Tatar people

c.. Include all Crimean Tatars in the legitimate distribution of
land in Crimea

d.. Recognize Crimean Tatar as one of the official languages in

e.. Recognize the right of the Crimean Tatars to be represented in
all aspects of Crimean government, including the Crimean Parliament

f.. Make the Crimean authorities stop persecuting those Crimean
Tatars who peacefully protest the illegal actions of the Crimean

g.. Withdraw all plans that threaten the integrity of Zincirli
Medrese and assist Crimean Tatars to reestablish it as an institution
of higher learning

h.. Help those Crimean Tatars who still remain in exile in Central
Asia and other former Soviet Republics to return and resettle in the
their ancestral homeland, the Crimea

<p>Demands, IC Crimea 08/1997

- Officially recognize the Crimean Tatar National Mejlis as the sole
representative of the Crimean Tatar people

- Recognize the Crimean Tatar people as the indigenous people of the
Crimea, whose rights have to be provided in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine (art. 11 and 92)

- Recognize the entire Crimean Tatar population in Uzbekistan, the
Crimea and in all the other former Soviet Republics, as "Deportees"
<p>- to guarantee an effective representation of Crimean Tatar People in all
branches of the State authorities at all levels

- to establish the Crimean Tatar Language as an official one in the
Autonomous Republic of Crimea


1. The restoration of national integrity of Crimean Tatar Peoples by means of returning of their main part to Crimea remained in the places of the deportation.2.

2. The restoration of the State system (of national - territorial autonomous republic) of Crimean Tatar Peoples in the membership of Ukraine.

3. The providing of guarantied representation and participation of Crimean Tatars in all organs of legislative, executive and judicial authorities of Crimea.

4. The full compensation of property state and damages that were committed for Crimean Tatar Peoples in the view of deportation of 1944.

5. The formation and realization of state and inter - state programs of organized returning and resettlement of returning Crimean Tatars to Crimea to all the places of their historical residence.

6. The legal consolidation of the status of the Crimean Tatar language as the state - language and providing its functioning in state area of Crimea.

7. The creation of conditions for revival of the language, the system of national education, culture and the history of the peoples.

8. The restoration of historical place - names of Crimea.

9. The returning of the worship edifices and vacuf lands to Moslem communities of Crimea.


The State should buy private land that is not used for minimum two years and re-distribute it to Tatars.

There should be a register with all property confiscated during SÜRGÜN - Deportation in 1944. Whenever the current owner wants to sell, this property the former owner has the right to buy it for the same price.

There should be cooperative to sell agricultural goods throughout Crimea.

<p>Business and Economy

German KfW and other institutions shall found MEBC - Micro Enterprise Bank Crimea to finance small businesses - <A href="" >Rural Banking Innovations Project</A>

German KfW and other institutions shall support Yurtbank

ten percent of income should be taxfree when invested in pension or housing fonds


There should be an exchange of state employees working in citizenship and registration offices.

<A href="" >Recommendation 1455 (2000) of Council of Europe</A>

Turkish and other NATO Navy Ships should visit each year the ports of Odessa, Sevastopol and Yalta and invite the population


Teaching foreign languages - volunteers hold one-week classes and issue certificates

Professional experience - create opportunities in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungaria, Romania and Poland

<p>Humanitarian Aid

Small parcels should be collected and brought by the Crimean Tatar organizations abroad

Ukraine should not tax humanitarian aid brought into the country.


o To remain informed about the official and non-official policies that affect the current Tatar population in Crimea, Ukraine. (IC CRIMEA)

<p>Legal Situation

Leaving uzbek citizenship and applying for ukrainian citizenship was free of charge for about one and half a year until end of 1999. This has to be applied for all deported families.

The Crimean election law should not be different from the Ukrainian one.

So it seems that this point of Draft Resolution might hold more decisive
formula as "to propose to the Government of Ukraine to study the experience
of other member States of the Council of Europe concerning the
representation of small minorities, status and legal arrangements for their
Indigenous Peoples (e.g. Denmark, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Norway,
Sweden, Finland etc.) and to look for the providing necessary
representation and participation of Crimean Tatars in national, Crimean and
local institutions". Nadir Bekirov, Foundation for Research and Support of Indigenous Peoples of Crimea, 10.03.2000, Letter to the Comittee on Migration, Refugees and Demography of PACE

<p>Official Organizations

The Crimean Tatar Mejlis should be consulted during any fact finding mission. No report should base on the input of the well known Stalinist and enemy of any democratic development, Leonid Grach, Speaker of
the Upper Soviet of Crimea

Praktika in Fraktionen und Ministerien

<p>Remembering SÜRGÜN

SÜRGÜN should be remembered officially in all states where Crimean Tatars live: Bulgaria, Romania, Russia (Bashkortostan, Tatarstan), Turkey, Uzbekistan

<p>Return to Homeland

All Crimean Tatars should be brought home before the 60. anniversary of the deportation.

To assist in the resettlement of Crimean Tatars in their native land by supporting NGO programs and providing humanitarian aid. (IC CRIMEA)


International organisations should invite Crimean journalists and state employees to European countries and discuss the European experience

To promote understanding and appreciation of the history and culture of Crimean Tatars in their native land as well in diaspora.

Funds should be mobilized for projects concerning mutual tolerance.

EU countries should assist Ukraine in transforming its police and militia into a democratic one.


mutual pupils visit and school partnerships

organize private tours from the Volga-Ural Region to Crimea

organize tourism from Europe to Dobruja

hotels should be sold to international chains


Contact McDonald's and


UKRAINE: Konkrete Pläne zum Aufbau eines SOS-KDs in der Ukraine liegen uns derzeit noch nicht vor.

<hr>May 30, 2000 the meeting of the Presidium of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar Peoples with the Chairman of Council of the Ministers of Autonomous Republic of Crimea Sergei Kunitsin was held. During the conversation of the Head of the government of Autonomy, suggested to implement the concrete measures targeted to diminish the confrontation between Crimean Tatar Peoples and the Parliament of the Republic. This could be the first step in normalization of their relations and the changing from the confrontation to the consideration and the resolving of the stored problems during the working process.

Having discussed the formed situation, The Presidium notices:
1. The actions of civil protest, that were started by Crimean Tatars, are conducted not only for the interests of Crimean Tatar Peoples but also for the interests of all the population of the peninsular and Ukraine. As far as social equity and national equality of rights are necessary not only for the indigenous peoples but for all who imagine his future in peace, happiness and civil agreement in Crimea.
The general meetings of Crimean Tatars and other nationalities claiming the equity during the sharing of the land were the vivid displays of it. The acts of impeding of the railways and capture of the Country Councils with the view of the protest against unfair sharing of the land, the abuse of some local clerks and chairmen who tried to give the land by the way of intrigues to close people separately from the citizens of this farms.

2. The necessity of providing of the guarantied representation of Crimean Tatars in organs of Government and local self-government of Autonomy caused the large comprehension and concern not only in International Organizations but simple people who are residing together with the Crimean Tatars and realizing that endeavors of isolation of the whole peoples from the participation in official political life becomes anachronism in the society that is oriented on the human rights, and democracy. More and more people understand that deliberate political segregation of Crimean Tatars doesn't bring the use nobody and just create the conflicts between people of different nationalities.

In the present time the world experience of creation of special mechanisms of civil rights guaranteeing for the peoples and national groups that were damaged during the mass brutal breaking of their rights from the side of totalitarian regimes or other causes is widely known.

As the constitutional acts, as well a Constitution of Ukraine proclaim the priority of the human rights, that means maintenance of the rights of indigenous peoples and minorities in political life.

2. It becomes evident that the lack of the necessary legal solutions on the given issues is the result of the scares attention and comprehension of this problems from the side of some Deputies of High Council of Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The situation could be enhanced, if the ethnic tolerance and the sober are looked up in the Parliament of the Autonomy. The absolutely realistic claims of the representatives of Crimean Tatar Peoples should be considered with the desire to find the solutions but not put them off.

4 In this circumstances the role of the President of Ukraine is very responsible who as the Head of the country and guarantee of the human rights in the country could and should use his authority and possibilities for the settlement and resolve of the problems taking into account the interests as of the country as well of the Crimean Tatar Peoples.

The piquet in front of the edifice of the High Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in form of the ten camp, beginning from the June 1st 2000 will be grown shorter for 10 days - from 20 tents to 10 - in order to give the Deputies of the High Council of Autonomous Republic of Crimea an opportunity to undertake the measures on the practical resolve of the Crimean Tatar Peoples issue.
The Presidium appreciates the changes in Crimean Tatars issues that were undertaken by Ukrainian Deputies during the Parliament hearings. The Presidium reckons on the comprehension and support of the High Council of Ukraine.
The Presidium reckons that all equitable claims of Crimean Tatar Peoples will be understood. And they are confident in that fact that the President of Ukraine is able to be a chief guarantee of the Constitutional rights and the legal interests of Crimean Tatar Peoples.
The further actions of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar Peoples will depend on the resolving of all problems.

<hr>29 Mayis 2000 tarihinde saat 11'de bolgesel yonetim kurulunun binasinin onunde Akmescit bolgesel meclis tarafindan tertiplenen miting gecti. Mitinge yaklasik 300 insan katildi. Miting sonucunda Akmescit (Simferopol) bolgesel yonetim kurulun baskani V. Zaretskiy ile iki saat suren konusma gecti, fakat sekizden onune surduren taleplerden hic birisi yerine getirilmedi. Cadir kampini kaldirmamaya ve protesto eylemini devam etmeye karar alindi.
Nobetoilerin talepleri sunlar:

1.Kirim Tatarlari tarim koperativ uyeleri ile esit buyuklukte toprak ile saglamak.

2.Kurullarda ve hukumet bunyesinde oranli Kirim Tatarlarin temsilciligini saglamak.

3.Bolgesel yonetim kurul baskan yardincisi gorevine Kirim Tatarlardan olan temsilcisini atamak.

4.Kirim Tatarlarin surgunlukten once yerlesim yerlerin adlarini iade etmek.

5.Kirim Tatar milli okullarin ve kirimtatar dilini derin ogrenme ile siniflarin engelsiz acmak ve bclge cercevesinde egitime ve kulture dair mefhumunu hazirlamak.

6.Akmescit (Simferopol) bolgesel yonetim kurulunun baskani V. Zaretskiy'i gorevden almak.

7.Kirim Tatarlarin toplu yasayan yerlerde iskan ici (yollarin, su ve elektrik aglarin kurulusunu tamamlamak icin) para ayirmak.

8.Akmescit (Simferopol) cercevesinde bolgesel meclis tarafindan onaylanan Kirim Tatar halk temsilciligini tasdiklsmak ve koy suralar nezdinde yerli meclis azalardan Kurullar teskil etmek.
<hr>Situation in Djankoi region
At the beginning of May of 2000 the members of the regional and local Mejlises of Djankoi region carried out the frequent meetings with the population of the region with the view of exposure of general people's opinion concerning the sharing of the land and some other social and economic issues.
At the meeting of regional Mejlis, that was carried out in May 15 2000, the received data were considered during the meetings with the population. The decision about the conducting of the meeting in front of the edifice of Regional State Administration was accepted. In May 15 2000 the meeting was held.
The basic claims that were submitted are:
1 The conducting of the sharing of the land in Djankoi region taking into account the interests of the deported people and the social area.
2 To resolve the question about the proportionate representation of Crimean Tatars in organs of government of Djankoi region ( there are more than 20% of the population, but there are 3 Crimean Tatars from 300 of Regional State Administration staff)
3 To return the names that were existing before the deportation of Crimean Tatars (place - name issue) to inhabited localities of the region.
4. The foundation in the region of schools with Crimean Tatar teaching.
5. To remain the duties of the vice - chairman of Regional State Administration for the representative of Crimean Tatar Peoples.
6. To dismiss the chief specialist of Inter - ethnic Relations Department.

According to implemented meeting, the conference for the Chairmen of country councils on the issues of sharing of the land was held. At this conference also the representatives of local Mejlises were present (30 local mejlises and 12 representatives of the Mejlises).
The proposal of the members of Mejlises, about the presentation of the initiative of Regional State Administration for the organs of government of Ukraine with the introducing of the changes in legislature of Ukraine on the issue of land - sharing, was met negatively and the chairman of Djankoi Regional State Administration Bragin Alexander Iosifovich called this proposal as the "utter absurd".
In the connexion of non - fulfillment of the claims the decision about the arrangement of the tent camp near the edifice of Regional State Administration. It was settled four tents where 10 - 15 people constantly were.
Now there is the tendency to extension of the tent camp.
It was written from the narration of Ruslan Kurtseitov (the chairman of Djankoi regional Mejlis)
May 27 2000.

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