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Bashkortostan - Ufa Aviation

Regional Aviation Page

Scheduled Flights

    to Beloreck BCX : from BKA NEF OKT SVX UFA

    to Neftekamsk NEF : from BCX BKA PEE UFA

    to Oktiabrskij OKT : from BCX UFA

Ufa Airport

UTC +5/6


Flight info: +7-3472-143361

Business Lounge: +7-3472-143506/77

Airport Hotel: +7-3472-143584

bal travel agency Tel. 233656 230588

Orbix: Lenin urami 13/14, Ufa, +7-3472-232924, Kölner Str., 47805 Krefeld, 02151-397069, Fax -317011

Uzbekistan Airways: 50 El Oktyabr urami 20, Ufa, +7-3472-220976/236547, Fax 226111 email: dop*bashnet.ru/uzbekkuf*bee-s.com

Avial Travel Agency

Floema Ticket Ltd.

Ufa Aviation Tekhnikum / Institute

Ufa State Aviation Technical University

Ufa Airport offers flight connections to Antalya AYT, Ashgabat ASB, Baku BAK, Donetsk DOK, Dubai DXB, Dushanbe DYU, Hanover HAJ, Istanbul IST, Izmir ADB, Kyiv KBP and IEV, Prague PRG, Sharjah SHJ, Tashkent TAS, Tbilisi TBS, Tel Aviv TLV, Tivat TGD, Yerevan EVN

Domestic flights to Akyar Askino Atnjash Burzjan B. Ustikinskoe Duvan Zilair Karaidel Kirzja Pervomayskiy and Sibay

Bashkirian Airlines BAL V9 / BTC

Fleet - Aircraft Registration Code RA

    2 AN24RV 46640 46649

    1 An74 74014 since 1997 in the fleet

    2 An74-200 74046 74048

    1 Tu134A-3 65028 65040 65046 65961

    4 Tu154M 85777 85802 85824 85825 85826 85828 85846 85848 Tu154B 85112 B1 85265 85275 85283 85347 85349 B2 85404 85525 M 85719 85773 85774 85777 85816 85824 85825 85826 85831

bal went bankrupt in 2005. Tu-154M airplanes now fly in Iran. One of them crashed on September 01, 2006 in Mashad. The weekend before it was banned from flying to Turkey due to maintenance shortcomings.

Air Bashkortostan NN
VIM Avia founded Air Bashkortostan in May 2006. It operates now with 2 Boeing 757-200 from Ufa to Moscow-Domodedovo.
2 Boeing 757-200 EI-LTO RA-73012 Cargo

    RIA Aeroflot

      Istanbul +90-212-2170437 / 5734905 6$ per kg + 25$ AWB fee + transfer fee 120$


    Monitoring Body Investigates Large-Scale Violations At Bashkir Airlines, Ufa Airport. Petr Bobilev, chairman of the State Monitoring Committee, told the Bashkir State Assembly on 18 December that his subordinates have revealed numerous violations by the top management of state Bashkir Airlines Company (BAL) and the Ufa international airport, an RFE/RL Ufa correspondent reported the same day. The inspection discovered that although BAL had reported 39 million rubles ($1.2 million) of profits earned in 2000, its losses in the following years exceeded this amount, reaching some 77 million rubles ($2.4 million). Only 21 of the 60 aircraft owned by BAL are currently used, while 22 will be written off and 17 are awaiting repair. Under these devastating conditions, the company's managers reportedly tried to conceal the losses and spent some 4.5 million rubles ($141,200) on paying themselves bonuses and non-interest loans in 2001-02. The company reportedly also "forgot" to transfer 80 percent of the 13 million rubles ($408,000) earned from leasing its aircraft to the republican budget and committed violations when holding tenders among fuel suppliers. 20.03.03

    Bashkir Airlines, Ufa Airport To Be Privatized. The federal-government-owned Bashkir Airlines and Ufa airport are to be privatized in 2003, RosBalt reported on 15 December, citing an unidentified source in the Bashkir Ministry of Property Relations. The two were transferred to federal ownership in September following a court order declaring that they had been illegally handed over to the republican government in the early 1990s. Moscow will reportedly compensate the Bashkir government to the tune of 600 million rubles for investments made in the airline and the airport. 16.12.02

    Monuments To Crash Victims To Be Erected In Germany And Ufa. The transportation minister of the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Ulrich Mueller, has announced that Germany has begun work on a monument to the victims of the 1 July midair collision between a Bashkir Airlines passenger jet and a DHL cargo jet over southern Germany, Bashinform reported on 12 July (see "RFE/RL Tatar-Bashkir Report," 2 July 2002). The agency quoted Mueller as saying that Germany has already begun work on a possible design for the monument. Another monument will be erected in Ufa, "Parlamentskaya gazeta" reported on 13 July. The paper cited Bashkir President Murtaza Rakhimov as saying that it will feature a scorched wing of a Tupolev 154 airplane. 19.07.02

    Bashkir Airlines' Planes Said To Be Okay For European Routes. Bashkir Airlines executives said the company will not face any problems after 1 April 2002, when new noise limits for aircraft are introduced by the International Civil Aviation Organizations (ICAO), Rosbalt reported on 29 March. Airline representatives told the agency that four of the company's 10 Tu-154M aircraft meet both new noise standards and emergency-warning-system requirements. Company representatives said three of the other Tu-154M will fly to the United Arab Emirates, China, and Turkey, while three more will fly domestic routes.

    Ufa Airport To Be Modernized A number of German companies dealing with runway repairs and the renovation of airport buildings recently met senior managers of Ufa's international airport to offer their services, Bashkortostan State Radio reported on 23 January. According to previous reports in the Bashkir media, the state-owned airport plans to spend $35.8 million on renovation work. Reports have not included the name of any potential investor in such a project. Tatar-Bashkir Report Archive -- 24 January 2002

    November 20, 2001 - Lufthansa Increasing Flights Through Kazan - German national air carrier Lufthansa's manager for the Volga Region and Siberia, Ronald Schults, told President Mintimer Shaimiev on 19 November that his company will increase its flights through Kazan from two to three per week beginning on 1 December. Schults also said that despite the current drop in global demand, the number of people using Lufthansa's Kazan office is increasing. Lufthansa reportedly also plans to establish a Frankfurt-Kazan-Ufa route in the future.

    August,10 2001 - The delegation of Austrian Airlines Group visited Bashkortostan on a study trip August 1 – 3, 2001.The delegation consisted of market researchers and network planners from Austrian Airlines Vienna HQ and was headed by Mr. Stefan Platter, Head of Market Research. Austrian Airlines Group currently operates in three Russian cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg and Anapa) and has traffic rights for a fourth destination in Russia. The trip was one of a series of study tours Austrian Airlines Group is making to select potential candidates for a new flight. During the visit, negotiations were held with the management of Ufa International Airport and local travel agencies which were followed by visits to the largest local companies supposed to be the biggest traffic generators. The visit will be followed by more detailed studies aimed at assessing prospective passenger traffic between Bashkortostan and Western Europe.

    BAL flies six times a week to Turkey this summer, 4 flights to Istanbul and one each to Antalya and Izmir.

    739,230 passenger have been transported in 1997, 18.5 percent less compared with 1996. Amount of freiht transported was 3,080 t, 49.8 percent less.

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