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Tatarstan - Kazan Aviation

Regional Aviation Page

Scheduled Flights

    to Bugulma UUA : BKA DME KZN NJC SGC Njagan

    to Nabereshnye Chelny NBC : DME KRR KUF LED RTW VOG

Kazan Airport

Kazan Aircraft Production

Tupolev Kazan State Technical University

Kazan Airport offers flight connections to Almaty ALA, Ashgabat ASB, Baku BAK, Donetsk DOK, Dubai DXB,  Dushanbe DYU, Fergana FEG, Frankfurt FRA, Istanbul IST, Kyiv IEV, Makhachkala MCX, Moscow MOW, Prague PRG, Samarkand SKD, St. Petersburg LED, Sharjah SHJ, Simferopol SIP, Tashkent TAS, Tel Aviv TLV, Ufa UFA, Yerevan EVN

Several domestic Flights to Bugulma Chistopol Bolgar Kuznechiha and Bazarnie Mataki

Tatarstan Airlines / Tatarstan Hava Yullari U9 (TL) / KAZ


    Address : Airport - 420017 Kazan - +7-8432-37 98 53, Fax 37 23 70
    Istanbul office - Cumhuriyet Caddesi Efser Han No:301/4 Harbiye / ISTANBUL TEL : 0212-2302197 FAX 2407458
    Baku 93-91-39, 98-29-56

    Fleet - Aircraft Registration Code RA

      8 An24 46273 46328 46338 46526 46562 46625 47804 47818

      2 An24V 46562 RV 45626

      1 Boeing 737-300

      2 Boeing 737-500 - second aircraft is leased

      2 CR9 VP- VP-

      4 Tu134A 65021 65973 A-3 65033 65691

      3 Tu154B2 85412 85488 85804

      22 Yak40 87209 87239 87247 87342 87404 87447 87462 87505 87517 87583 87588 87805 87821 87822 87977 87991 88113 88156 88165 88176 88182 88186 88287

      1 Yak42D 42347


      Tatarstan Airlines ordered 6 Bombardier CRJ900 Canadair regional jets. The first two aircraft will arrive on July 30, 2007. May 11, 2007

      Tatarstan airlines was created in 2000 and has a fleet of 23 airplanes. In 2003 it carried 241,000 passengers and 671 tons of cargo. Joint-stock company Kazan International Airport was established in 1998. It serves more than 10 Russian airlines. In 2003 the airports revenues amounted to 127 million rubles ($4.3 million). Moscow News 16.07.2004

Ak Bars Aero 2B
CRJ 200


Bugulma BG

    Address : 423200 Bugulma - Tel. +7 8551 435 525 Fax -433 055 airport@tatais.ru


      15 Yak40 87342

TAN Aviakompania

    Address : Ul. AK Pavlova 2 - 420036 Kazan - Tel. +7-8432-54 07 81


      1 Yak40 87503

charter airlines:

IDF Iron Dragon-Fly Air Company


    Begishevo Airport Reopened After Reconstruction / RFE/RL 13.10.2003 The international airport in Begishevo, 25 kilometers from Chally, opened on 11 October after the reconstruction of the 2.5 kilometer runway, Interfax reported the same day. Russian Deputy Transport Minister Aleksandr Neradko and Tatar Prime Minister Rustam Minnikhanov attended the event. The airport was constructed in 1971 to service Tatarstan's municipalities of Chally, Tuben Kama, Alabuga, Zei, Mendeleevsk, and Minzele. In 1998, it became an international facility. In 2002, 44,800 passengers flied out of Begishevo.

    "Tatarstan" airline made over RUR 754 mln. in 2002 with the passenger traffic growing by 22.4% as compared to the previous year. All the airlines in Tatarstan have carried the total of over 238,000 passengers. 71,500 people have taken international flights, which is 43% more than in 2001. "Tatarstan" takes the 27th place in the Russian airline rating. "Tulpar" airline is a serious international carrier. Also, there are Bugulma and Second Kazan airlines that operate in Tatarstan. The first mainly engages YAK-40 planes, while the latter operates helicopters and sanitary aviation. Mainly, the local airlines use YAK-42 planes: out 165 produced aircraft 17 are in Tatarstan. These planes meet international noise requirements and the region has a great experience of repairing these aircraft. Also, Tatarstan has five TU-154 and YAK-40 planes as well as several TU- 134. The minister expressed a desire to purchase TU- 214: "We'll get in line for that plane". A special hanger is designed for this aircraft, which will cost about RUR 90 mln. However, this is scheduled only for the second stage of restoring International Kazan Airport. The first stage includes building the new runway strip. The already performed work by local companies was appreciated and they won the tender for reconstructing Krasnoyarsk Airport. Now they are applying for the next tender in Novosibirsk and Norilsk. Air traffic control system has also been upgraded. "Tatneft" Co. has sponsored an internationally certified system of computerized aircraft refueling. Kazan Airport Restoration Program is planned until 2015. This year energy and communication supplies of the airport will be improved. The works on the passenger platform will continue. Then, the runway strip 1 will be restored. Both the airport building and hotel will be under reconstruction, too. RUR 700,000 mln. have been allocated for the airport restoration by the government since 1996. The original restoration budget was calculated as high as USD 200 mln. The runway strip at Begishevo International Airport (Naberezhnie Chelny) will also be restored in 2004. RFE/RL 28.01.2003

    Kazan Airport Voted Best In CIS. The Kazan International Airport was named the best airport of 2001 among airports in the Commonwealth of Independent States that serve up to 500,000 passengers a year, tatnews.ru reported on 24 May. Roughly 685 million rubles ($22 million) have been invested in the reconstruction of the Kazan airport since 1996. In October 2001, a new landing strip and refueling station went into operation. In 2002, 111.9 million rubles have been allocated from the republican budget for reconstruction works and an additional 200 million rubles are planned to be spent before the end of the year. Reconstruction is expected to be completed by 2005. RFE/RL 27.05.02

    Ural Airlines Buys Kazan-Produced Plane The Ural Airlines plans to purchase the Kazan-produced Tu-214 aircraft in 2002, the company general manager Sergei Skuratov told UralInformBureau on 1 February. The plane is able to perform 9,000-kilometer flights nonstop, Skuratov said. Tatar-Bashkir Report Archive - 4 February 2002

    New Kazan-produced Aircraft To Begin International Flights Tu-214 aircraft produced by Kazan Aircraft Plant is to begin regular international flights from Khabarovsk to Japan, China, South Korea from March 2002, Dalavia air company's press service reported on 2 December. According to the company's top managers, Dalavia planned to purchase 6 more such airplanes. RFE/RL 26.12.2001

    LUFTHANSA EXPANDS FLIGHTS INSIDE RUSSIA. Lufthansa's Nizhnii Novgorod office reported that on 1 December the airline increased its flights along regional routes in response to rising demand, ITAR-TASS reported on 2 December. According to the agency, the city of Perm has started receiving flights from the German carrier. The airline already services Kazan, Samara, and Nizhnii Novgorod, and passenger traffic on those flights has risen this year by 48 percent, 21 percent, and 16 percent, respectively. RFE/RL Newsline 05.12.2001

    November 20, 2001 - Lufthansa Increasing Flights Through Kazan - German national air carrier Lufthansa's manager for the Volga Region and Siberia, Ronald Schults, told President Mintimer Shaimiev on 19 November that his company will increase its flights through Kazan from two to three per week beginning on 1 December. Schults also said that despite the current drop in global demand, the number of people using Lufthansa's Kazan office is increasing. Lufthansa reportedly also plans to establish a Frankfurt-Kazan-Ufa route in the future.

    Modernized Runway Open At Kazan International Airport A new landing strip and filling station were unveiled at Kazan's international airport on 3 October, tatnews.ru reported. Russian Transport Minister Karl Ruppel took part in the ceremony. Prime Minister Rustam Minnikhanov said the federal budget began subsidizing the reconstruction of Kazan airport this year and has allotted 500 million rubles ($17 million) for the work. He said the project includes the reconstruction of one terminal, a hotel, cargo facilities, and a communications system by 2005. 2001

    TU-214 To Be Certified Within 6 Months A manager of the Tupolev aviation scientific-industrial company, Yuri Vorobyov, said that certification of the new Tatarstan-produced aircraft TU-214 is expected to be completed within six months, Vremya i Dengi daily reported on 20 January referring to Interfax. Vorobyov said that certification is based on Russian aviation rules AP-25 which are approximate to a maximum extent to international rules. In January, the TU-214 will perform flights at arctic climate conditions in Yakutia. In Vorobyov's words, the Kazan Gorbunov air industrial association is scheduled to produce the first two serial TU-214 planes current year. Tatarstan reportedly allocates this year 400 million rubles for completion of the construction and testing. Another 50 million rubles will be received from the Rosaviacosmos company. Tatarstan's government allocated money from the 2000 budget for purchasing two TU-214 for the republic's air company Tatarstan. TU-214 is capable of transporting 214 passengers with a range of 6,250 kilometers. RFE/RL Tatar Service, 21.01.2000

    *Kazan Airport Reconstruction About 193 million rubles will be invested in the reconstruction program at the international airport of Kazan in 2000, Tatarstan's deputy PM Vladimir Shvetsov told the press conference on 14 January. The reconstruction reportedly includes the improvement of airport runways, buildings and aircraft. RFE/RL Tatar Service 18.01.2000

    TATARSTAN AIRPORT TO OPEN NEW RUNWAY. In May Kazan International Airport will officially open a new runway that will be capable of accommodating such jumbo jets as the Boeing 747 and the Airbus-310. The only other civilian airport that has a similar runway is Moscow's Sheremetevo. No other airport has built a runway in Russia in the last four years due to the general shortage of investment capital. Tatarstan invested 400 million rubles of its own money, using equipment purchased from the German firm Vergen. The airport also has French air traffic control equipment. RRR 28.10.99

    LUFTHANSA REPRESENTATIVES OFFICE OPENED IN KAZAN. On May 13th the representative office of Lufthansa air company was opened in the international airport of Kazan. About 200 flights have already been made by Lufthansa through Kazan starting from 1997 by means of the Frankfurt-Kazan-Perm flight. Official representatives of Lufthansa in the Russian Federation note that the profitability of flights through Kazan is increasing. In the future Lufthansa intends to establish direct flights to Kazan and to increase the number of flights. Tatar-Bashkir Service, Radio Liberty, 14.05.98

    Turkish Airlines starts flying to Kazan / Tatarstan on March 05, 1998. Mondays and thursdays Boeing 737-400s will offer 150 seats in each direction. Kazan is the first city in Turkistan to which THY was not the first foreign carrier. Lufthansa started its A319-100 flights this March 31. Oct 09, 97

    The Russian Government has agreed to help finance the development of a new Tupolev 50-seat regional jet, the Tu-324. 50% will be financed by Tatarstan, which will allocate oil-export revenues to the project. Tatarstan wants the programme to provide work for the Kazan production plant. Tupolev Chief Designer Dmitriev is confident that the first prototype will be rolled out in 1999, with Russian certification following within two years. Such a jet would have export potential to markets such as China, Middle East and CIS. It will meet the demand to replace ageing Yakovlev Yak-40s, Antonov An-24s and Tupolev Tu-134s. Technical details: 23.7 tons MTOW, 50 seats, maximum range 2,500 km, cruise speed 830 km/h. FI - Sep 23, 97

    The price for fuel is 300 USD. The airport of Kazan may from time to time temporarily run out of fuel. Although Tatarstan is a oil-rich auronomous republic within RF, problems occur. Foreign airlines pay the bill in Moscow and CIS airlines who do not pay their bill still have to be fed for politically reasons.

    Aviastan transported last year 515.000 passengers (-16%) and 1,680 mln ftk (+51%) with its 19 aircrafts. ATW 6/96

    Airlines of Tatarstan flew 395,230 passengers in 1997, an increase of 3.3 percent compared to 1996. Transported freight amounted to 1,020 t, an increase of 22.9 percent.

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